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Thread: Stalking Directory T-Shirts

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    Stalking Directory T-Shirts

    Well folks. I have the contact details for the man with the T-shirts and I will be receiving delivery within the next day or so.
    What I need now is some money from you horrible lot! Those of you that decide to collect from the CLA, please let me know and I will give you the details of where to collect them from. The cost of the T shirts is 10 and is payable by cheque on collection. If you want your t-shirt(s) posted there is an extra charge of 1.50 per shirt. All cheques need to be made payable to Help for Heroes. You will be pleased to hear that we not only have a very generous sponsor for the shirts, but also someone has offered to pay the postage so all money collected will be going to help for heroes.
    I will PM everybody that is on my list and give details of my address so that you can send me all your money!

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    well done mate
    i would like mine delivered please but thinking more on the personal touch
    how much would the fuel costs be from kent to wawrickshire

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    sounds a bit cheap to me better throw in a breakfast aswell
    just don't burn the sausages
    while i make the T

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