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Thread: what size bino's

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    what size bino's

    hi guy's, right i,m new to furom and new to deer stalking (not been yet lol) but just in the process of doing my dsc1 and applying for my fac. after turning up on my dsc1 with my 25 quid skeggy market bino's i,m after some decent one's. i now know all the makes but was wondering what peoples choice are on size for stalking. cheers stav

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    Hey .. you should have seen Wadas admiring my 4 quid ebay ones in Sutherland the other year.. just before he missed them 3 times!! with his .270
    There is a place for all gods creatures in this world, on my plates by the veggies and gravy

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    Try as many pairs as you can before you buy any, gamefairs are good for this.

    7 or 8 x 42 would be a common choice.

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    Hi stav welcome,if I had to be limited to just one size bino for everything I guess I would opt for the 7x42 they are probably the easiest to use on the eyes, wide field of view excellent light transmission and very little in the way of supplementary focusing when in field use, ideal especially for woodland stalking

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    7-8.5x 42's

    If you buy budget porro prisms you'll get good service out of decent 7x42's if you buy expensive roof prisms (the ones with the straight cans) you can still make good use of 8 and 8.5 power even in failing light.

    How good is your scope?

    Nothing worse than seeing clearly through the bins and losing out because of the scope.

    If it's shooting at dusk we're talking about I'd argue the top bins and scopes are almost too good. You'll be able to see much more through good glass than with your naked eye, so you better have a dog on hand to find any runners, cos it'll probably be too dark to see much yourself 10 mins after you take that late shot.

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    i use a 8x42 and find them light and easy to use and easy to slip inside your coat

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    Not shooting with iron sights are ya

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    I find 10x42's just fine.


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    I'd start with your budget. 120 will get you Nikon 10x 25 Sportstar Ex which will do 95% of whatever you are likely to want while their Monarchs in 10x 42 DCF at 320 is about as much as you need to spend to get to 99.9%. You can go to 50mm objectives for low light but with extra bulk and after that it is pretty much chasing marginal improvements for maximum dosh. It is a bit like Hi Fi. How good are your ears?

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    I have just bought a pair Minox 8x42 and I find them great but thats me coming from a pair of Jessop's own brand where I had to shut one eye when looking though! There are some good deals on them now for 120 ish. Sportsman were selling them at 400 at one point I belive.

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