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Thread: Humane Dispatch Pistol

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    Humane Dispatch Pistol

    Asking this for a keeper friend of mine.

    He already as shotguns and .243 and 7x57 rifle.
    His job means he must must take out his employers guests to stalk deer and various friends and paying clients.

    Due to some bad shooting, bullets placement etc, etc. he has to occasionally deal with wounded deer aswell as foxes in cage traps.
    He would like a .38 2 shot pistol and wondered what his chances were of being granted one.
    He thinks the pistol idea is better than lugging a rifle with you and due to the heavily wooded area he stalks easier to kill a wounded beast in tight cover, mostly Fallow but Roe too.

    Do you think it is worth him aplying for it? or will he be turned down as police may say he already has a rifle. It is Dorset Police.

    Any advice welcome.

    Many thanks

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    Your mate has absolutely nothing to lose by trying. And if he has a boss that could back him up, even better.
    I wouldn`t want to be stood near him when he`s shooting a caged fox from point blank range with a 243.

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    I know somebody who has a .32 Walther PP or PPK for exactly that...

    Every police force is different, but i doubt any would be keen to grant it...BASC or any similar organization might be able to assist if he is a member..

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    Or he could put in for a 410 pistol ideal for close range stuff.........

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    I would apply for a pistol for humane dispatch and shooting tin cans. If i was in a different job i would apply for one for target use and get a legal rumble going to see if we could test the law and have them legal again.

    but in the case in question i would say he has very good reason to apply for one and if he presents his case properly it should go through.


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    Where does the law stand as far as .410 pistols for humane dispatch?

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    .410 pistols

    They are ok to have for vermin shooting and humand dispatch. they a s1 firearm

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    Thanks for that Swampy..

    A friend who is a farmer has been after one of the these for a while to dispatched foxes caught in snares and cage traps, but I was never sure if a short barrelled shotgun could actually be legal these days..



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    SF. Providing your friend can show good reason for owning a dispatch weapon he should have no real problem obtaining permission from the Police, however for dispatching foxes in snares I am not to sure if they will give you one just for that.

    I must say that Kent Police have always been very good. The previous FA Officer offered me permission for a dispatch pistol some years back, which about 3 years ago I agreed to. The licence was offered for a 32cal 2 shot, which I had trouble sourcing. I eventually had my ticket changed to a 357, but with the proviso of also using and owning 38 special as well as 357 ammo.
    I have a good friend in the guntrade who sourced a very nice Colt Lawman revolver, although I had to have 4 cylinders blocked. If your friend needs a contact to source a weapon for him let me know and I will put him in touch.

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    Many thanks guys.
    Will pass on all the information to him.

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