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Thread: wanted swiss 7.5x55 brass

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    wanted swiss 7.5x55 brass

    Hi I live on the boarded of Derby/Notts does any forum member know where I can getholed of some brass for the swiss 7.5x55. hopefully without taking out a second morgage

    Thanks inadvance

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    If you can obtain 284 Winchester brass, it is a simple operation to open the neck to 30 caliber. In some of the earlier 1911 rifles it will sometimes fail to eject, but it extracts excellently. In K-31's It functions perfectly. I have been shooting Swiss since you could buy them for $70 an armload. I have been using 284 brass in them all this time. Just seat your die down hard onto the shell holder on the first sizing, seating your bullet to nudge the lands for your initial firing (as is accepted good practice when fire forming any brass) and you can load normally from there on. What rifle are you shooting?~Muir

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    Prvi Partisan 7.5x55 cases are listed @ 35.35/100 in their latest catalogue.

    PPU 147g FMJBT ammo also @ 55.50/100. These are boxer cases.

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