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Thread: A big thanks to Sikamalc

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    A big thanks to Sikamalc

    Got back home yesterday after a great weekend stalking in Sussex with Sikamalc, Andy (tika308) Terry (pheasant sniper1) with a visit too from Ken(Oberon) and aslo Sandra on her trike.
    Total for the weekend was 4 Fallow And 3 Roe Does.

    Thanks again for a great weekend Malc and the other amigos and fingers crossed for a great outcome for us.


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    Always a pleasure to have good friends I have made off this site out on the ground and get a good result as well. Heres to the next time lads Todd had a field day with 7 deer to rag a bit

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    Nice one guys!

    Get some pics up!


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    as said by wadas, thanks again malc, great to meet up with sandra terry and ken not forgeting todd. thanks malc for letting me out and getting my first fallow buck
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    Good man that Malc

    Thanks for all the help youve given me aswell since ive been on the site.



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    This is what this site is all about, it's good to see members getting the chance of good stalking and making new friends. The thread on back stabbing made me angry to think a member could do such thing to this shooting community. Keep it up lads

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    Well done guys, another cracking weekend by the sounds of it. Fingers crossed for the right outcome next week.

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