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Thread: Reloading international

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    Reloading international

    Anyone looked into purchasing bullets direct from the USA. Even with the $58 shipping costs they seem very competitive especially if you purchase the max for the weight allowed. Ill check the shipping format but surely if the shipping is at the required secure standard we should eb able to order them legally in the UK? They seem happy to ship over here.

    I know this has been covered before but Ive not come across these chaps before. Your thoughts?

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    Having read the shipping method it looks like it wouldnt be suitable for expanding ammo in the UK. Ive dropped thema message, will let you know how I get on.

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    End user certs were mentioned.
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    Reloadable brass & bullets x USA

    As it is now difficult to obtain reloadable brass & bullets from the USA,I can recomend Reloading International at Idaho.Their prices are good,the only thing you have to agree with, is that the items are for your own use only,you cannot resell them,or even give them away,this keeps them from running into any bother from the US chain of command.They are hoping that this law will be repealled in the near future.Also you dont have to pay anything until all the paperwork is completed,Export lic etc,and the goods are packed and ready for dispatch.They also have a lot of obsolete items as well.

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    What I noticed was the $51 shipping for anything up to 20 lbs. I ship vis USPS Priority to the UK with some regularity, and anything UNDER 4 lbs is only $38. I'm not sure where the extra $13 comes from. I'm not 'casting aspersions'. Rather, I would simply ask them "why". They probably have a good reason; like "paperwork" or "packaging". But I'd ask anyway. At the same time, I pay $54 (not their $51) for anything OVER 4 lbs and Priority.

    For those having trouble getting the bullets they want/need, this sounds like a source to consider.


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