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Thread: Design plans for a shooting box/tower

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    Design plans for a shooting box/tower


    It's time to start on this years project (away from the home!) and I've decided to build myself a roofed shooting box tower to sit in a good position over looking some long grass, reeds and various scrub trees in which the roe like to sleep, eat and be merry next to a nice old wood I have access too.

    I'm thinking of placing the box around 12feet up and placing it on some cut to size reclaimed telegraph poles for a spot of stability. I'd like the box to have lockable access and shooting slots/slit windows around to prevent local kids gaining access once it's discovered.

    Having taken a quick look and searched on google it appears there are plenty to offer at a cost.. So I'm hoping another forum member may already have built something similar and can provide guidance or a copy of some old plans.

    I'm sure I can bodge something together.. but i'm after something thats going to stay and where possible will prevent any one who finds it from using or gaining quick access.

    Many thanks


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    pm me your email and ill ping you a copy of the thetford high seat design !

    Discretion assured
    - call us anytime, free on 0800 689 0857

    please visit our web site:
    http://uksha1 or find us on facebook
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    Hi Robbo25 , i'm just about to start the self same project, so we may be able to bounce a few ideas off each other.
    A mate who made my wooden free standers (stone's design ) has come up with a few ideas using tele poles , and some ideas about security

    The tower will have be a few feet higher than 12ft because the lay of the land, plus i want it set back a bit in the wood out of view.
    Much the same as yours it will overlook a reedy rough field where the deer like to be. DF

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    Quote Originally Posted by leec6.5 View Post
    pm me your email and ill ping you a copy of the thetford high seat design !
    Lee will provide all the info you will need.
    Reclaimed poles?
    Why not stop the next power/bt wagon and buy some?

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    Hi Lee, Df and Richard,

    Many thanks for the responses.

    Have pm'd Lee an Df.

    Richard do you have details which may assist?

    Many thanks


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    Quote Originally Posted by Robbo25 View Post
    Richard do you have details which may assist?

    Many thanks

    I do have the info but Lee supplied it to me via e-mail, suggest you wait for him to send the plans.

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    The plans Lee has are good ones. We build it using syacamore sapplings. If you're freindly with any landowners, see if you can do some 'weeding' and pull some sapplings out. So long as they're vaguely straight they'll do. Here's what ours ended up as. All it cost was a couple of small bags of nails. The main supports are all cob & co wired
    Click image for larger version. 

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    In Germany they usually use what is in the woods nearby but the official party line is to use Douglas Fir or Larch as they resist weather better.

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    I too would like some desgins for a 'Tower Seat' ; but must introduce myself first!

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    Introductions made now ( although I hope folk don't think I work for the EA!) .

    When I did the DSC1 Course I got talking to a chap who had made a few towers; he actually e-mailed me a couple of pictures of one he had constructed. I since lost contact with him in the intervening years but still have his photos. I didn't get round to constructing any at the time but now I could do with one or two.

    I can draw up a design but could do with a heads up on the ideal size for the hut on the top..... If any could help it would be great.

    Would it be too presumptioous for a newbie to SD to PM ^^^Lee?

    Here are the pictures:

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