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Thread: Schmidt & Bender Illuminated Reticle Scope

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    Schmidt & Bender Illuminated Reticle Scope

    Advertising for a friend
    Schmidt & Bender 3-12x50 Zenith illuminated reticle scope. 30mm tube. In good condition slight ring mark where front ring has been previously been ( on underside of tube ) The reticle is the FD4 flash dot
    These are now 1720 new at Sportsmans
    He is looking for 900.
    Anyone interested contact me and I will give you his contact details
    Thanks for looking

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    Hi there,

    just started jumping up and down so well interested. are the optics clean? any pics?

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    Hi there
    I have had a lot of S&B myself. Not too good with pictures although he has left scope with me. The glass in unscratched. I would describe it as good condition. The scope has the usual previous mount marks ie you can see where the rings have been, The front ring has put a mount scratch on one edge on the underside of the tube. It is not crimped anything it is cosmetic damage only and remounted would probably not be visible. I will try and take a picture for you. Ian who owns it drives for a living and gets about so a viewing may be a possibility

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    I would love to view it before I bought it. Am jumoing even higher!!

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    you have a pm

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    got the PM and will call.

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    Now SOLD

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