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Thread: what the best range to zero my .222 in at

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    what the best range to zero my .222 in at

    what the best range to zero my .222 in at to get the best out of my rifle? i manly lamp for foxes using 55sn bullets

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    100 yards mate. i use to leave mine 1 inch high at 100 which was bang on at 200 yards. but these was withy 40 grain bullets.

    i never used 55's in 222 as i like to stick to 40's or 50's they offer that little bit flatter shooting. but if you find yours accurate by all means keep using them.

    what you could do is set it up at 100 yards then see how much drop there is at 200 yards
    your soon know then

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    cheer fella will try that,
    what did u think of the lighter 40grain bullet?

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    1 inch high is the standard unless you have mil dot or drop compensating reticule or turrets.
    regards john

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    100 yards bang on

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    Hi mine is set at inch high at 100 yards with 40grain homeloads ,never had a problem shoots flat as to 200 yds

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    I have shot a lot of foxes with a 222rem, nearly all with 50gr Vmax handloads. I would not use 55gr SP's in a 222rem, velocity will be under 3000fps and most bullets will exit. The 50gr vmax loads should be around 3100 fps, these kill very well and rarely exit, much safer. I have used 40gr'ers, brillant on rabbits and kill foxes very well, but blow about at bit in the wind.

    The general advice is good, if not entirely accurate. Zero around an inch high at 100m, you should be spot on at around 160 - 170m and a little low at 200m, maybe as much as 2" low.... If you are lamping 200m is a very big shot no matter what any one says and you will rarely need to shoot that far. Daytime is obviously different.
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    i would perfer to use heavier bullets but for the ranges most 222's are used at 200 to 230 max. then 40 grain bullets are more then good enough. they also offer that bit flatter shooting then the 55's would. not much but enough they also exxpand very well.

    try some and your see. if you reload or want to reload give us a pm i have some good loads for the 222 that are not hot max loads. and you could tweek them to use in your rifle.
    if you dont reload look in your local shop for some 40 grain bullets to try. norma i think do a 40 grain bt for the 222

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    Hi Mate,I use sako 55gr in my .222 tikka and have mine set at 1 inch high@100 yards.Bang on for lamping foxs or taking roe out on the scottish borders.
    ATB John.

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