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    Ok guys, AndyL has sorted things with Stev on the Tshirt front, hopefully they will be ready for the CLA.


    Please can ALL MEMBERS who are going to the CLA let me have their names so I know how many to take to the CLA.

    I will distribute them at 12 noon SATURDAY, inside the show, anyone got any idea of where would be the best place to meet. Whatever place we choose I will be there for 1 HOUR, 12noon till 1pm.

    Any other shirts will be posted out to members.

    I will keep you up to date as things progress.

    Thank you


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    Malc did not actually realise that i had this already in hand. If you could just make sure I know then I will individually bag your order and then pass them on to Malc for distribution at the CLA. I think that Malc would prefer cheques if possible as he does not want to mix the H4H cash with the thousands he already has in his pockets!!!

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    He does not carry cash in his pockets, not enough room, he has a double bandolier type of cash belt arrangement that he finds adequate for day to day stuff


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    What you mean the one I borrowed off you JAYB

    If I do dish theTshirts out at the CLA, it would be far better for all those folk paying to make out a cheque for the Help for Heroes, please do not give me cash, I do not want to be looking after a wad over the weekend.

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    Hi Malcolm
    Count me in for 1 of them T shirts, Also Andy has 1 on order as well mate O Yeh dont forget them 2 crates of beer you owe me

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    I am afraid that I do not know if there are any spare T shirts until I have received them and allocated them to the people that have already ordered. If there are any extras, I will let you know. Cheers

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    Hi Andy
    I had ordered 1 of the T shirts already mate so my name should be on 1 Andy(Tikka308) has ordered them

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    How about ouside the BASC, BDS or NGO stand??????????

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    steyr.243 i have ordered yours mate.we will find uncle malc on the friday when we get set up.yours is the one with uncle fester on the back mate now im dead

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    Aint yours the 1 with Rite Said Fred across the front
    Dont worry everyone You cant miss andy at the CLA, hes the 1 with the long ginger wig & 38 stone

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