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Thread: 30-06 Privvy test

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    30-06 Privvy test

    Got some privvy 150gr soft points to try along with my normal Hornady 150gr interlocks.
    Target was put out to 115m.

    3 shot grouping woth Hornady

    3 shot grouping with Privvy

    As you can see not much between the 2 rounds. The privvy are seated a bit further out than the Hornadys and you do have to 'push' the bolt a bit to load them. I unloaded an unfired round and the head does touch the lands.

    Difference in bullet seating depth

    I then dug out one of the Privvy heads out of the bank to see what they were like, here was the result

    I then tested them out to 180m and they still only dropped around 3" and all still grouped nicely.
    So for a round that costs 10 for 20 compared to 22.50 for 20 for the Hornady I don't think they are that bad.


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    Nice review Jonathon....good to see the end result also. I've been using them (privvi) in my .223 recently with very good results, not managed to dig one out though. they seem to expand quite nicely when hittiong fox.

    They do not group at all well in my 6.5x55 though.

    Would you be happy to use them on deer then?

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    Think I would be confident in using them on deer now that I have 'played' a bit on paper. Good expansion but it was against dirt so you would expect it ti open up a bit more.


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    I am "NO EXPERT" but that bullet looks as though it has broke up??????? Not the type of result i would look for in a Deer projectile IMHO.

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    Remember that this particular bullet was recovered from "a bank" so it had impacted into sand or earth - not a deer carcass.
    We have nothing to compare it with so can't draw any reliable conclusion as to the bullet's suitability for hunting.

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    Thr projectile looks exactly as one would expect a projectile recovered from an earth bank to look.

    It groups fine and will kill deer fine, don't get caught up in the idea that you need a super duper bullet to shoot our thin skinned, relatively small deer.

    I've obtained a few of the 180 grain ones to try in my 3006 but what I really want to get my hands on is the GROM load.

    I hear they are just the thing for a field expedient pig load.

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    The Grom, or Thunder as is the interpretation, is just as accurate over 100 yds, in both of my 30-06's, as any other super duper very expensive round.
    Oh I nearly forgot to mention, is also very effective on large Lithuanian Boar.

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    Amir, my local guy has the 170gr Grom's in stock. I am going to buy a box at the weekend to try out. I will bring you some the next time I am over.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    I use the 139 grain in my Sabbati 6.5x55 I find them really accurate on paper and deer sub 1'' at 100 yards . But my RWS Titan 6 in 243 does not like them I use winchester for this one
    If its hit its history / If its missed its a mystery

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    Quote Originally Posted by Claret_Dabbler View Post
    Amir, my local guy has the 170gr Grom's in stock. I am going to buy a box at the weekend to try out. I will bring you some the next time I am over.
    Cheers Brian, They look like a decent design and I'm getting into the whole continental "cutting edge" design stepped bullets as a design.

    I don't think aerodynamics is a particularly important consideration in a normal hunting range bullet these days, out to three hundred yards I think there's bugger all difference in it and I liked the effect of the flat nosed and cutting edge design bullets I saw last weekend.

    Is that going to be as components or as assembled ammo?


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