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Thread: A sad tale

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    A sad tale

    Help in Haste Repent at Leisure.

    Following on from the Back stabber thread the reason we donít trust people can come from events that fashion our opinion on people through no fault of our own. It is sad but the ones that need help sometimes get a hard time because of the Bad experiences we as good hearted deer stalkers have had from unscrupulous conmen. Here starts a sad tail,
    I helped a chap I considered a friend when he was down on his luck he had no real stalking at that time so I invited him up to mine and let him have a go at a few of my good bucks. He stayed at my house and had a few good stalks knocking over a nice bronze medal buck for his troubles. The following few months passed and a friend of mine had an opening in a syndicate in the borders. I passed on the chaps name and he was in the syndicate easy as that. He was in for only a while before he started moaning there were no deer as he had been a few times and had not seen many at all. I travelled all the way down to the borders a two hour trip to help him and Assess the ground feeling some what responsible for there being no deer as I had got him the place. I walked the ground with the chap and we saw six beasts and the chap even had the scope on one animal only to fall over and miss his chance. I told him the ground was good and showing plenty signs of deer, slots fumets etc and visual signs.
    It was then the next buck season and again the chap came to me for a stalk just to have a go even though he had his own ground. Again he shot a real nice buck and had a chance to practice calling and even missed the chance at a Gold Medal buck that I sent him to shoot at one point he was only 50 mtrs off it. (did I mention there was no charge for this). He then said he was going to show the Belgium chaps how to call and that he would use this to get an invite over there for a crack at wild boar. (Alarm Bells were ringing this guy was a cash fanatic)
    He got boar shooting and then decided to tell the Belgium chaps to come to me to shoot some deer suggesting I charge them plenty as they were very well off. They did come to me and I believe had a great time and paid the same as any one else.
    His next move was to go for a Contract with the commission even though he was not capable he was certainly good at the form filling and won the contract .I asked him how he was going to manage the contract he said he would get the personal friend from the syndicate to help and that I could also go down and help he would pay £35 a beast. Sounds good but he dropped the syndicate guy and then told me I was to expensive.
    After the first 10 -12 weeks it was clear that he was not going to fulfil the contract. I had many many phone calls complaining about the lack of deer on the ground and how the FC manager must have got his estimated cull figures wrong. I gave him plenty of ideas explaining the best way to go about things and still he was failing so much so that he was called in to the office and given a real talking to.
    He was told get a dog ( TRAINED) and get more deer through the larder or get your coat.
    I felt bad for him even after him dropping me and others from the deal (What a sap I am). I set him up with a dog that he still has and asked a few guys I knew to go down and pull him out of the hole he was in. These lads were good at the job and went down to sort the contract in the chaps favour. Cost was spoke about and it was explained to me that the £35 was to expensive and in a begging voice he said he had not figured on that type of cash when he put in the contract in. I knew he had and he asked me a good price to pay to the lads I said £500 (between them) knowing this was not really enough but is about the max I could get for the lads as this chap was as I now new tighter than to coats of paint. The lads in just to weeks turned the job around and every one was happy . I had explained to the lads that they would be given cash at the end and it was to be £500. So they worked on not only finishing the contract but taking 20% more than the contract earning the chap a good old back slapping and a load of extra cash. After the contract was finished a few weeks went by and I had to say were is the lads cash they were asking and I didnít want friends of mine ripped off. Any way he sent £300 and told them that was it.
    Trust Honesty Integrity. Words that I can only use on a few . Some one asked why I was against contractors and the way the FC run there shop well sometimes that is decided by others. Watch your back there is always some one waiting to take you down.


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    Blimey 6 pointer, mates like you don't come around often, that guy has a good friend by the sounds of things and then blew it big time.

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    6 Pointer sorry too hear that , his loss . You are right TRUST , HONESTY , INTEGRITY are qualities that are few and far between , in alot of people now.
    Chin up , i believe in Karma , what goes around , comes around !! Don,t change because of this saddo , remember mind over matter , you don,t mind and he doesn,t matter !!

    Cheers Jock

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    Hi 6 pointer, like jock said his loss .The inexperienced stalkers out there need guys like you, who are prepared to help newcomers to the sport, it seems to be a common trait in field sports now ,where we find some people go for a couple of stalks then start taking people out and charging for the priveledge. I see the same thing happening with the geese . It's all about making a fast buck for these guys, they don't care about the traditions or the animals or the sport where would the inexperienced stalkers be without guys like you .

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    As a beginner(only shot 1 roe in 4 years) in the sport of deer stalking I am very grateful for the help, advice and shooting days offered by various forum members. Some of the tales that you hear about makes you wonder what people are thinking. I also have heard the quote about deerstalking bringing out the worst in (some)people. I had some pigeon shooting and took a couple of mates along, the farmer wanted me to phone ahead so he knew who was shooting. My so called mates then started going it alone without ringing the farmer(or me) and to top it all were shooting anything that moved, even birds of prey. I lost that bit of shooting but found out who I could trust.
    The old adage about treating people the way you want to be treated still holds true today. On the whole I think that the shooting/stalking forums on the internet are a great bunch with a few exceptions. Thanks again to JAYB, Jagare and Bob in Cornwall

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    6 Pointer, all i can say to that is what goes around comes around. Probably most of us needed help and a guide/mentor when we first started on this passion we all share and i hope your story does not put too many others off helping out as you did. Your ex friend is the looser,and a fool.

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    hi dave thats a sorry tale i know how you feel i had a mate [i thought] that did the same to me stabbed me in the back but just remember for every 1
    b*****d theres another 10 guys appreciate the help so keep up the good work

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    i had a friend help me shoot some deer on the estate i was shooting and he brought his friend shooting there when i was not there without asking me first,said he asked the keeper if it would be alright and he said yes but as the keeper was a really nice chap he would not have said no anyway .last time we went stalking with me ,i here he has to pay a lot off money to stalk now, instead of getting it free from me ha ha

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    The same happened to me in a way,said stalker told me ,maybe chap some doors close to home,as i dont have much shooting , i spent the time and money in diesel.only to be told that said stalker had most of ground mentioned,with the rest taken by others.I thought all hunters were friends,with friends like that bein funny an selfish to owning a lot of ground who needs enemies.not all people should be seen the same as others who have done anyone an would be nice to own a piece of shooting to keep your ticket but it seems so hard to get a foot in the door when its all sewn up.I wont give up as i still get invites by true friends untill something comes along hopefully

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    This and Rangers are *****, I am nearly greetin.

    I have watched this unfold and have to say that folk in glass houses should not throw stones. Some are motivated by money more than most and if thats your thing then your friends will be thin on the gound.

    This might sound crypic but those invoilved know what I mean.

    what goes around comes around

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