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Thread: Fullbore Range?

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    Fullbore Range?

    Hi Guys,

    Does anybody know if there is a fullbore range where I can zero my .243 in, around or near West Sussex?



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    You could pop up to Bisley in Surrey... but would need the relevant certs etc, or join BASC on one of their range days.

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    ads03, If you are a BASC member, you can book a range at Bisley through them (David Knowles). You may need a certificate of competence (also from BASC or a rifle club). I have one but have not so far been asked to show it when booking a range there.

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    The British Sporting Rifle Club is based at Bisley - see their website - Great club with good facilities and many range days to choose from.

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    Cheers guys.

    I will contact the BASC and see what they can do for me.

    Any other ideas?



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