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Thread: which two way radio set??

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    which two way radio set??

    hi guys i sometimes stalk with my brother and or mate and i have bought a cheap set of radios out of argos...they are ok but eat triple AAA bateries and the most useless thing....... after you recieve a transmission they beep loud as hell that you cant turn off


    which set of radios would you recommend?.....nowt too expensive coz im just a recreational stalker and summit rechargeable i think



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    I bought the binatone terrain 550's from Macro..

    Reduced from 33.99+vat to 19.99

    8km range and 32hr battery life (rechargeable)
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    I have a pair of these from Maplin.

    The are rechargable from either mains or cigarette lighter (no need to buy transformers etc.) They are waterproof and can be operated silently, or with an earpiece (included)

    Not had them long but they've been good so far. Range is good and they are robustly built. They cost a bit more than I wanted to spend but thought they looked a step up in quality from other stuff (in Maplins)



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    Quote Originally Posted by Si View Post
    I bought the binatone terrain 550's from Macro..

    Reduced from 33.99+vat to 19.99

    8km range and 32hr battery life (rechargeable)
    +1. And you CAN turn the beep off on these!!
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    I've used several Cobra micro talk radios on the shoot for several years they have been excellent.

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    cue the music....

    we gone...bye bye!
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    HI just to let you now LIDL some coming out on the 28 of feb it says that they are hands free speech-activted with ear peices rechargaeble with charging station plus batteries 8 channels and 8km range 19.99 the pair hope this helps plus 3year warranty i will having a set my self

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    You could always get some AAA rechargeable batteries and a charger!

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    yeah i could get rechargeables n a charger but still wouldnt stop the loud beep at end of every transmission that you cant turn off!! you have a link for the Lidl ones cant see em on their site

    cheers for the info guys
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    HI sauer got the info from a lidl leaflet from behind the cash till . the radios not on sale till the 28th so i think info will be on line from monday the week before thay go on sale

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