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Thread: Remington 700 s/a after market stock.

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    Remington 700 s/a after market stock.

    Hi all,
    After a replacement stock for my remy 700 s/a, it has the standard barrel not varmint/heavy, Have looked on fleabay and it seems that none of the sellers will post out of the usa, so after some advice or if anyone has one for sale etc, synthetic stock thinking bell&carson or hogue or if price is right h&s / mcmillan, Thanks.

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    One for sale in Firearms classified

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    For Sale: Mcmillan A3 for Reminton 700

    This is a great deal and a great stock IMHO - I'm not connected with this sale in any way!

    Also, Edi (ejg) on the site makes stocks for the Remy 700 too, the lightest I've ever seen and fantastic workmanship, better than McMillan.

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