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Thread: Help needed to find work

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    Help needed to find work

    Hi guys.
    im wondering if anyone could help me find some work. I'm about to finish work on an estate where i'am a stalking ghillie and I have just found out that my next job doesn't start until the 13th of June so I'm going to be unemployed for three and a half months which is obviously far from ideal So I'm wondering if anybody knows of anyone in Scotland that might require a second stalker to help with roe buck guests?
    I've got a full clean driving license, open FC, dmq 1 and nearly finished 2, experienced in the use of atvs, have a fully trained deer dog and I have a huge amount of experience stalking red roe and sika with and without guests.
    any length of work would be great.

    Any info would be much appreciated.

    Thanks Tikka 270.

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    Can`t help on the work front but good luck in finding something to tide you over.
    It`s a cruel world out there nowadays.
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    Thanks mate! Your right its a nightmare just now.

    Tikka 270

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    Good luck with the search Tikka, am sure something will come your way soon.........

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    Another well wisher here good luck

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    There's an advert in Shooting Times for a beat keeper on the Glamis Estate - roe stalking experience would be an advantage. You might be able to help out until they fill it on a permanent basis. I think Stephen Stubbs is the head keeper, I stalked with when he was on Islay; he's a good guy and knows his stuff.

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    Thank you for the kind comments and Job ideas guys they are really appreciated. Still trying to find something.

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    Have a look at (or .com) Not going to be many Stalkers jobs but plenty of seasonal rangers/wardens posts etc, might not be what you are after but you might find something interesting that would also add diversity to your CV for the future. JC

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    Thanks for that jc275, something like that would be quite good and as you said it adss something different to my CV. I'll get on there now and have a look.

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    Stalker / Estate Worker, Letterewe Estate
    Stalker / Gamekeeper, West Coast Estate

    Advertised on Countryside Jobs not sure if they are anywhere near you Tikka 270

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