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Thread: Deutsche Bracke

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    Deutsche Bracke

    Anyone have any idea if this breed is available in the UK?

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    Not many of the stovare or bracke types have made it here, I have hunted in Sweden with Hamilton, Finsk, Dunke and Drever. Seen the odd Hamilton Stovare over here, you might check with KC for breeders.

    I think one of the reasons they are not that popular is they all need telemetry or dogsat as the recall is non existent! being a Teckel owner I know what that is all about.

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    You must be good at lighting fires and grilling korv whilst sitting on your jakt rucksack if you get a dog like that. Enjoy hours of listening to the dog work around the forest. To long in the leg to hunt roe with though.

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    sounds good jagare boy, bout time will grilled some korv at your place again, get many days with Charlie this season?

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    Nosher, the seasons over for this years. Only hunted charlie a few times and then came the snow. It was just too deep for his little short legs. There was Voluntary ban on all hunting with dogs from December. Had some good days with the spaniel and got to use Niko. just give me a ring and we will loose off the dog and grill a few korv next season.
    We still have snow and -9 today

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    Hej deer man, Had a lot of hunting planed for the Kopov this winter. The snow started in mid October, by November we had quite a bit of snow with severe cold. The coldest winter for 100 years. Managed to hunt him In skåne in the south of Sweden and he hunted moose and boar. Its amazing following the hunt on the Garmin Astro he will do 25km over a days hunting. By the start of December there was just to much snow to hunt boar with the dog. a chap did cotact me and ask if i would hunt the Kopov on boar for him. He asked if the dog could manage to hunt in 40cm snow I declined his kind offer not wishing to put the dog at risk. The Jagareförbundet and the county council asked for Voluntary ban on hunting with dogs so that was the end of hunting for the year.
    I have got some good contacts for hunting the Kopov next year though.
    We should see some signs of spring in the next month, Still -8 and -17 last night, and then there is more tracking training to do as i shall try to get him through Viltspår vildsvin ( Tracking wild boar) elite class tracking test.
    My nieghbour was round about an hour ago and he had seen boar tracks on our hunting ground so must build a couple of feeders in the spring and start enticing them a little.

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    Great news! I really like the idea of a Kopov but i am sure it's full potential would not be achieved here in the UK! What are they like on a line?

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    I only track with him on a long lead. If he did'nt have his lead on he would think it was hunting time. He tracks nice and steady on roe and moose tracks and goes with real purpose on boar scent.

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