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Thread: New to TSD...

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    New to TSD...


    Have been reading the forum for a while so decided to register.

    I am based in Berkshire, so mainly stalk for Muntjac, C.W.D and Roe, although I try to get up to Scotland once a yeard for some proper excercise !!! Have been shooting for 27 years and stalking for 17 years.

    Use Steyr Pro Hunters in both .243Win and .30-06Sprg, and like to reload for both. Have worked at getting my DMQs over the years, to keep the FEOs happy, and recently passed the BDS Deer Manager course at Thetford.

    Anyway, that`s me.

    All the best.


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    Hi neil

    welcome to the site. i look forward to reading your future posts, it sounds like you have a some good experiences in the past.

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