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Thread: Years supply of butler creek flip covers

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    Years supply of butler creek flip covers least I's my email to Butler Creek:

    To whom it may concern,

    Having used your products in the past with great enthusiasm, I have come to realised that a change in materials/manufacturing has caused your Rifle Scope Flip-
    Covers to break in the hinge section. I voiced my concerns on a UK Stalking forum, links attached, and it seems everyone has the same issues. At UK £10 a pop, this is getting expensive, and UK dealers are refusing to offer refunds or replacements, claiming it’s not a manufacturing fault..even though it clearly is.

    Had your products been significantly more expensive, I would of course take a much more proactive stance on getting a reimbursement, but since they are relatively cheap, I am not too concerned. Of course, whether it be faulty manufacturing, sloppy materials, planned obsolescence, etc. this will lose BC business very fast, and repeat customers will shy away as other new manufacturers come to market and take your position and brand recognition..just wait and see.

    I ask not for reimbursements, nor for apologies, but for understanding that as a consumer (who likes your products), you are needing to address this issue ASAP or lose market-share.

    Ps. in case you ‘do’ wish to supply me with a years’ supply of flip covers, my objective lens for my favourite stalking rifle is 49-51mm


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    Let us know if you get a reply please PKL

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    Worth a go!!! Broke another Tuesday, will NEVER buy anymore, good luck with the years supply and the lorry load they'll have to send, am considering using eggs as covers as I feel they'll be more robust!

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    If there is one thing worse than something that fails every time you take it out it must be a years supply of something that fails every time you take it out.

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    Yep, another butler creek user thats fallen foul of the broken hinge syndrome
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    i thought it was me being rough until all 4 new rifles that came with them fitted had it happen to them, and yet my original butlers from 15yrs ago are fine, changing over to the bikini type now, hope they are still the same.

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    Same problem here too. Has anyone found anythng that works as well that is more robust?

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    Do Schmidt & Bender scopes not fit them at the factory....

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    I've had 2 break this year! Gutted that I lost my original which I'd had for well over 10 years.

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    I have had 2 breaks this previous year as well and really really really really getting awesomely pissed off with them

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