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Thread: Colin and Billy

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    Colin and Billy


    After waking at 03:00hrs we set off for Dumfries for a little Roe stalking and later a Goat or two.

    We arrived in Dumfries at 06:40hrs and after a least 10 minutes kip, we were awoken by a tapping at the window, Colin's (solwaystalker) happy smiling face greeted us, and after a little deliberation we followed him over to a small forestry block, nothing doing so he took us for a "Wee Walk" up a mountain, we saw several Roe but were unable to get within shooting distance before they had scappered over a stone wall and back into the forest.

    Oh well! breakfast loomed large in the mind and shortly we were en-route to Dumfries and the "Burns Cafe" for refreshment, an hour or so later saw us on our way to the appointment with Goats.

    We drove through the estate and finally arrived at our destination, walked out from the roadway about 200 yards to glass the mountain, after twenty or so minutes we found what we were looking for and headed off up the side of this little mountain over a beautiful bridge (thankfully there was a bench for me to sit on for 30 minutes or so) we crossed the bridge and headed up to the style over the deer fence, slowly crawled (due to the oxygen mask I was dragging), up the mountain and out over the rolling hills to a shootable position, where I took my first average sized Billy Goat.

    Sadly the photos are not as large as I would have liked! (still if you click on them)

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Goat1.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Goat 5.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Goat3.jpg 
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    The scenery was breathtaking and as usual Colin was in good form with the humour, whilst not a trophy Goat it had to be one of the most satisfying days stalking I have had, especially once back at home in that lovely Radox Bath.

    Many thanks Colin, another great day for me to remember, see you soon for that Gold Medal Roe Buck.
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    A good day out Guy ,told you we should have left breakfast till we got down
    Enjoyed our outing look forward to a day on bucks

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    Nicely done Morgy, You look like you worked hard for that one! Well done.
    You won't go far wrong with Colin, he will get you on the beasties if anyone can.



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    Looks very familiar...Forrest estate?

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    Indeed, "Freds Gaff" what a place.


    Your not wrong, I think next time we will have to go the night before, it really takes it out of you doing it all in one day.
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    Agree Morgy, one cracking estate is Mr Olsen's place

    Shot this fella up there last October:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	iphone292.jpg 
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    Nearly killed me that bloody stalk!!!

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    Nice picture that John
    Kev is wasted as a stalker , he should have been a photographer
    are you back this year

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    I think it would be impossible to keep us away now Colin!

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    Well done lads, and well done Colin, I had guy out one day recenly and he made a nice shot.
    I extracted the doe then nearly had to go back to extract guy LOL.
    And that was an ant hill compared to those hills in that photo.
    It must have been me what got him into shape......

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    Aye he,s some man John he had a good shot for his goat ,only problem was
    it was downhill ,i had to go bring it up for the photo,s
    Good fun out with him and Aubrey

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