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Thread: Wee clip of a few piggies

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    Wee clip of a few piggies

    Poached from another site:

    Maybe what the south of England will be like in twenty years ??

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    AS long as they come up to Herefordshire mate. Bring 'em on.

    Hope all is well mate


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    now thats a lot of boar

    0.38 and 1.44 welfare issues and needs sorted shame

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    A few big boys amongst them.

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    I had a group of about 25-30 run past me but to far off for a shot when in Bulgaria.
    I had to sit down my legs were like jelly.
    Think I might have fainted if that lot had come by.

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    Is that a prediction I remember saying no need to shoot Deer round here now theres loads of them.But that many piggywikles

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