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Thread: Price for rabbit control

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    Price for rabbit control

    Hi all,
    About 4 years ago i was working with a bloke who packed in to go off and run his own pest control buisness. Before he went i was talking to him and he said he wasnt going to do anything with firearms it was more about poison and prevention. we exchanged numbers and i never heard from him again. He rang me this afternoon and told me that one of his clients owns several caravan parks and a small holding. apparently he has been trying to gas the rabbits for the last year ang getting knowhere. he asked me if i would be interested in shooitng them, and of course i agreed to go and have a look. He has asked me to go next week with him and give him an idea of what i will charge. bear in mind i will be subbying for him. what sort of money would you think i should charge? there could be a fair bit of traveling involved.


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    A caravan park sounds like it could be a tough little number dependant on the number of occupants, people, not rabbits. It depends it you're doing it for a bit of sport or to make a days wage. If it was a local job and I knew the bloke I'd probably just go round for a couple of nights, weigh the rabbits in at the butchers the following morning, and call it quits.


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    cover your costs incurred, then agree a reasonable fee, thats what a subby does, don't forget to ensure if there any damage your not liable or have sufficient insurance cover. deerwarden

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    20 an hour plus costs

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    Cage trap or ferret them

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    get in a rodenator. always works best when used between 5 and 7 on summer mornings.

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    any sporting insurance you have may be invalidated by doing "paid" work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mudman View Post
    get in a rodenator. always works best when used between 5 and 7 on summer mornings.

    How much is a man with a rodenator to hire? You dont see many people with them..

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    You could look towards maybe 80.00 per day for the operator, & if you were not helping out with the stopping up & spade work, maybe another 40.00 a day for a youth on the spade. ?
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    This is not easy to sort out. There are so many factors involved. Firstly, if shooting you will have people on site who will not like it one bit! There is a lot of movement on these sites which will be a nightmare if youy travel some distance then find all the rabbits have be put in. The way I've done it in the past is out of season, long netting can work FAC air rifles, night vision etc:
    Cage traps are never very satisfactory, also antis will let them out. Ferreting is probably the best if you can get to the buries.
    Finally, forget the Rodenator it's illegal to use it to kill rabbits, the buries have to be cleared of living occupants first!!
    As for charging, by the hour is difficult as you cannot guarantee results. What I have done on camp sites and similar is to charge per rabbit taken, 4 to 5 and you keep them. But really it depends on the circumstances and how many rabbits there are.

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