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Thread: finished another knife tonight

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    finished another knife tonight

    after my first couple of knifes i was quite pleased but just a couple of niggles and last outing in scotland i lost my knife as i dont carry them on my belt incase im crawling in the mud and it was attached to my rucksack and after giong through giant ferns it must have come loose never to be seen again.i set to as i had made paper patterns of the blade and sheath so i have re done the knife with better results i think slimmer handle which feels alot nicer in the hand.i didnt do pictures in stages as i needed to do it asap as i only have a crappy knife that doesnt hold an edge but my next few i will do each step for people that want to have a go themselfs .the blade is 404 stainless with brass bolster and pins atb,wayneClick image for larger version. 

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    That looks like a handy knife i like the thin blade should be good for coring the anus

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    Nice job,,looks like a great knife!

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    nice knife good shape

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    Nice knife Wayne, I stuffed for knife making at the arm in a cast
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    Very very nice , you have a good eye !

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    thanks guys ,6pointer it was exellent at the anal canal and the atlas but the handle was too big on the last one and abit awkward so thinned it right down i also used brass rivets this time as trying to stitch the sheath by hand was painfull and took ages this time i think it took me all of 5 mins to shape drill rivet and stain ,chickenman hope you are on the mend you will be back making more knifes in no time.hope this one lasts me longer than the last one,atb wayne

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    Nice looking knife you have made there
    If you are carrying it on a rucksack strap consider a kydex sheath.
    Gets a much tighter hold on the knife, and is easy to clean.


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