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    Pick up

    Looking for a new works vehicle. Simple choice between Mitsubishi and Toyota (new double cab pick ups) Anybody any ideas on what they think is the better of the two, leaning towards the Toyota til someone tells me otherwise..............

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    One thing that lets the Hilux down is the poor power and low towing weight. Infact the hilux has the lowest towing weight compared to the Navara,NP300, Isuzu, Ford Ranger,Mazda and shitsubishi L200.
    The L200 would be my last choice out of the 6 above..

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    Out of the two you have shortlisted (I have had both), I would get a Ford Ranger (have had one of these too). Sorry, I know thats not very helpful but I was very impressed with the Ranger. JC

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    Toyota every time

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    Had a Mitsubishi but it was crap. Now have a 3.0 litre Hilux double cab and can't fault it really. Only thing I would recommend is fitting good all terrian tyres. I've fitted General Grabbers and have found them great.

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    Just to make this totally balanced.

    I have the L200 and think it is brilliant. Hasnt missed a beat in the 2 years i have had it.

    Did a 5 hour drive from South Worcestershire to Lockerbie in one stretch the other day and it was brilliant with 4 blokes, 3 dogs, rifle and shotgun each and stuff for a 5 day stay (not to say it wasnt a bit snug!)

    I have tried the Hilux's and of the 2 it would have to be the 3 litre if i was going to get one.

    If you do go for the L200 i would get a model with wider, extended wheel arches because it is a lot easier to get off road tyres in the larger sizes that will not fit without the wider arches (mine is the 4 life and doesnt have wide arches!)


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    I have the 3 litre Toyota Invincible and its a great piece of kit, loads of power, loads of comfort and loads of space.
    There is a place on this planet for all of God's creatures, right next to my tatties and gravy!!!

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    The Hilux 3.0 is a very good pickup its just a shame its only available in the Invincible specification. If they were available in the HL2 spec i`d be driving one right now.

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    They are available in HL3
    There is a place on this planet for all of God's creatures, right next to my tatties and gravy!!!

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    scarlet or someone can you tellme the towing weight of the toyotas
    regards pete

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