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Thread: lamping do i use a filter or not

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    lamping do i use a filter or not

    lamping do i use a filter or not what colour? red green none?

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    it's down to your own personal choice most of the time but also what the foxes dictate and also your lamp power ie if you have lamp shy foxes a a 2 million candel power lamp then yeah your probely going to want a filter, i hate filters personaly but when i do have to use one i go to amber so as it doesnt cut out to much light for when your trying to identify the fox as a fox

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    Yep ambers the one

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    I don't use a filter and it works fine for me.
    Identification is key!

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    I use amber for fox and red for rabbits.

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    We use amber and red on our Lightforce 240. Ordinarily we use red all the time, no chance of spooking any lamp shy foxes with the red on.


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    allways use the amber filter when were out

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    amber for foxing red for rabbiting. found red for foxing does take a good amount of the beam away which isnt good. this is with my lightforce 170

    when i go lamping with a mate he uses nv to spot them then when there in range use a lightforce 240 with out filter

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    Depends entirely how they respond. I don't break out the filters until they start showing shyness to the white/blue light, no need to educate them to all the tricks right away!

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