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Thread: Sad news

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    Sad news

    I am sad to report that Chris Steed, who I know some of the guys on the forum know well and others know through his business as an RFD, passed away last Sunday night.

    I had the pleasure of being with Chris on Sunday morning and he was in good form and we had our usual hearty breakfast.

    The call on Monday morning from Chris' partner telling me he had collapsed and died while walking his dogs was a complete shock, particularly having seen him looking so well Sunday morning.

    I will miss Chris as a good friend, a fellow stalker, a source of great knowledge and other things I don't have the vocabulary to explain.

    RIP Chris Steed
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    Theres not a lot anyone can say when hearing news like this other than my thoughts are with his family, I didnt know the gentleman at all but please extend my condolences to his next of kin.

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    Sad to hear that Hugh, i never met him in person but have been customer of his in the past.
    He came across as a very fair and decent bloke . DF

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    I also did not know the gentleman, but on behalf of the Admin team we extend our sincere condolences to his family and friends.

    Another good stalker has passed this way.

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    Bought my Sako 75 off Chris, seemed a true gent to me... Everything was as said by him, a very honest guy...

    Many condolences,


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    chris steed

    What a shame . A more helpful guy you will never meet.


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    So sorry to hear this news - I bought most of my kit from Steve and considered him a mate.

    Always happy to have a chat and give some advice. Never pushy or trying to offload kit on you that you didn't need. Buying a box of ammo usually took about an hour as we looked at all the new and interesting rifles he had bought and I would usually leave with some odds and ends and a big grin.

    Mr. Steed - gone but not forgotten, he will be in my prayers.

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    I can only echo the comments above, Boggy's especially as we both abused his hospitality on many occasions.

    A gentleman first and foremost with profitable gun dealing seemingly taking second place to a chat, rummage around the new stock and a good laugh. This was as much of an agenda as we had for most of our visits to his alladin's cave of home in Surrey.

    He recently even managed to find a rifle for my ever fussy girlfriend and colluded with my evil self to make sure it was dual use for a spot of stalking as well!

    My thoughts are with his family and the godless heathen that I am will never less offer something like a prayer and raise a glass to him tonight.

    Rest in peace mate.

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    Although I have not spoken to Chris for many years now at one time we did meet quite often. He was still working for the Post office back then as well doing the RFD bit. My thoughts go to Pauline assuming of course he was still with her.

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    Sad news indeed.... condolences to the Steed family.
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