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Thread: EliminX - dirty smelling people

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    EliminX - dirty smelling people


    Code Blue EliminX Odour Eliminator (Deer Stalking) on eBay (end time 28-Feb-11 10:59:58 GMT)

    Or alternatively have a bath! Seriously though does anyone actual use this sort of snake oil? Sand, selling and Arabs springs to mind....

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    Hi aliS

    I've hunted with friends and guides in the USA & Canada and quickly came to realise that they will try anything, maybe cos they only get one or two deer on their licence and a very short rifle-shooting season to shoot them within.
    Products such as that spray claim to totally eliminate ALL odours on the body, including those from your nice soapy bath, allegedly removing the possibility of any smell remaining about your person for the deer to pick up on the wind.
    Quite how even a comprehensive spraying would eliminate all production of scent from a human body over the next few minutes, never mind the 2 or 3 day hunting trips common in North America is beyond me.

    Snake oil seems about right to me.

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    Come on gents, the advert says it is proven to work.

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