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Thread: Experience of male GWP dogs

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    Experience of male GWP dogs


    I'm very near to buying my first gwp pup, i am jist looking for a bit of advice from folk who have owned male ones. I have 2 doubts playing on my mind,

    The first and major 1 is the reputation they have for being 'thugs'. I first looked at them a few years ago and even a breeder said esp the males can be very dominant bordering aggressive, hard heided/stubborn and sometimes dinae take well to sharing a kennel. I'm a fairly soft trainer and dinae want a dog that will see that as a weakness and jist take the piss. I already have 3 reasonably well behaved dogs (2 labs 1 springer) so it will probably neeed to share a kennel at some point and definately the back off pick up. I jist dinae want a dog thast will wind the rest up which have got a nice temperament at the moment.

    I generally dinae believe a lot of breed reputations as so much individuality in breeds, and all the bitches i've seen have been really nice natured and a cracking temperment. However the few dogs i've seen were mainly on the 1 grouse moor and were all pure bestards, even the lab crosses were terrible and would fight with anything, it wasn't unusual to see them fighting between each other if they couldn't pick on another dog inbetween drives. It's really put me off the wires. Althou in there favour the keepers hadn't spent much time with them and were poorly trained; there other dogs were terrible too and would've put u off owning labs or spaniels So possibly shouldn't use them as the breed standard.

    My other slight concern is when ur up to 4 dogs starts gettin hard work walking/training them esp when i still live in a town wi neighbours. It all takes a bit more time and a lot more ***** to pick up

    Finally i'm really wanting the wire to be a proper bird dog, quartering at long distances and pointing birds for walked up shooting and grouse counting: more than deer work or anything else, will it matter if its parents a slightly more deer orientated workers than bird dogs.

    Cheers for any advice

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    I have always had bitches but this time I got a dog! He is very biddable and easy going. He has great drive and just wants to work. I would choose your line very careful as you say some are thugs! You do not need it as a good wire can turn it on when required to deal with vermin or deer. Bryantscroft or Trudvang would be an excellent start.
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    Have you not considered a Hungarian wirehaired vizsla or German shorthaired pointer ?

    Atb Steve

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    I have a GWP bitch, that is actually the sister of deerman's dog, from Rory major at Bryantscroft. I would say she was a thug, but she certainly takes the p!ss sometimes. However, I'm absolutely sure that's my fault, not the dog's! She is my first dog for many, many years, and although I'm sure a lab would have been easier, she's got lots of character and we'll get there in the end. FWIW I'm always being told I'm too soft as a trainer and that GWP's have to be shown, firmly, who's boss. On the other hand, they can be surprisingly sensitive sometimes.

    Paul - I think we're making a bit of progress at last!


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    Hi, i am on my second GWP(male) and can say that i have had no trouble with other dogs, in the kennel or otherwise.My dogs share a kennel and were perfect companions although the GWP were dominant over my lab, there was no trouble outside with other dogs , in fact they will shy away from a fight.In my opinoin they ae very devoted dogs who give their all and great shooting companions.

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    There are big differences in the breed, the ones certainly with Bryantscroft in the history tend to be smaller and less thug like and I believe the reputation for nastiness has pretty much gone, however you can get some with a lot of recent continental breeding that can be enormous hairy crocodiles as I heard from someone the other day and it sums them up well. Far harder to train and a handful, very hardcore if you get it right but hard work if not, like a lot I've a bitch with Bryantscroft lines and she is very biddable but knows what to do when needed. Like Andrews above my experience is about the same a sensitive dog at times and very thick headed at others but an absolute character

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    Andrew, we should get round to meeting up sometime! I am sure we could have some fun with a pair of crout hounds!

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    I have a 9month old GWP male with the bryantcroft bloodline, and to be honest I would not swap him for any other dog! He shares a kennel with a patterdale, and a bull terrierxgreyhound and other than trying his best to eat all the food put down is no trouble at all. He can be difficult when not in the mood for training (but then again so can any pup). But he has a great temperament and is so eager to please when out. If you do want one you do need to have time to train him as they do get bored if left alone.
    Good luck with your choice mate.

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    PM CWD222 he has a GWP dog, it is so laid back no trouble at all I am not sure what lines, I think it is part Trudvang but I am not sure.



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    I've got a male GWP, 2.5 yrs old. Great with other dogs. He can try to dominate them (mounting them etc) but usually soon gets put in his place. Great with kids and I only have to raise my voice a little and he's cowering. We're very easy going on him and he does try to take the P sometimes (usually stealing food) but I would never class him as a thug.

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