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Thread: Zeiss Diatal-C 4x32 225.00

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    Zeiss Diatal-C 4x32 225.00

    I've listed this on eBay UK.

    If you search as Zeiss Diatal you will find the listing under my name "enfieldspares". It has a 1" diameter tube, is image moving, and has the Zeiss #20 Z-Plex reticle...the Zeiss version of the American Duplex.

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    Please PM me if interested. Price is 225. I am but five minutes away from the M1/M69 Junction 21 on the M1 Motorway and Leicester Forest East Services.

    These is good classic 'scopes for those that are happy with "old school" technology! And affordable enough to even put on a .22" LR!

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    These are really good little scopes - had one for a long time before swapping it for a 6x42 as at that time I was mostly stalking red deer on the open hill - probably a mistake and would be after this one if I had n't just bought a little 1-4 power Nickel Marburg which is also a cracking little scope. This would be the ideal scope for a woodland rifle or even fitting onto a rifle for use in the African bush.

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    hi there is this scope still for sale???

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    Hi Dweeb, I have a Swarovski 4 X 32 Habich Nova for sale, in very good condition, with apel mounts, I have just listed this on ebay if you are interested. I have photos I could email you. Thanks

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