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Thread: Remington 700 PSS 308 ?

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    Remington 700 PSS 308 ?

    I am thinking of buying a Remington 700 Police 308 for deer and range.
    Would like to know your thoughts and experiences with this rifle

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    Deer and range will always be a compromise.
    Nothing wrong with the Police, good solid rifle.
    Maybe chop the barrel to 20" which will drop weight and help agility.
    Often increases accuracy too.
    Other option is a sps varmint and purchase two aftermarket stocks, one outright target
    and a hunting stock.

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    Got a couple of 700s in Police spec. Both very good but basic. Mine are a bit fussy about ammo, they like 165/168 grain bullets with boat tails. Lots of bolt on options as well. Both now in AICS stocks. Trigger is an issue and I would put a good quality rail on it for scope mounting. There are other threads about other add ons.

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    Hmmm as you see once you buy one then it starts buying bits to make a decent rifle out of it.

    I would suggest sitting down and carefully working out what EXACTLY it is you want to achieve with the rifle. Then consider the options. It's true that one can make an excellent rifle out of the Remington 700 but at a cost. Other options may be a better use of your funds. However it's YOUR rifle and my dislike for the 700 is known here.

    However you must be aware that a lot change the barrel as a matter of course. I believe that Riflecraft have a bin full of them that they have swopped out. This must tell you something. Triggers are another item that more often than not gets swopped out.

    Then you have the weight factor as already pointed out. A friend brought a Tikka T3 tactical with range and deer in mind. After a few trips to the syndicates lease in Scotland he belongs too he aquired a Sako 75 Finnlite both are .308's. I would strongly urge you to try before you buy if at all possible, what ever rifle you decide upon as one that fits and feels good to use will serve you much better than one which does not. I do not know if they still do the VSS but another friend had a.223 VSS when they first appeared on the market an it did shoot well. I found it horrible to shoot though as it just felt all wrong. One reason I am not enamoured with the Rem 700. The Wichester Model 70 was more comfortable to/for me and that was a .308.
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    i shoot a sps tactical in .223 and its a lovely rifle to shoot and the houge stock is very comfortable the only complaint i have about the rifle is that it doesnt like a normal 55gr head and needs somthing a little heavier due to its short barrel and fast twist rate but this is only in .223 so .308 maybe differnt

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    You will love it but in time you may decide to make it even better.

    Good luck


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    Ive got a PSS in .223 and its a very accurate rifle. Its heavy although it doesnt matter for a foxing rifle. Ive also had a .308 SPS varmint, with a PSS stock so it was a PSS. I admit mine was a little fussy with ammo too. I had the barrel chopped to 22'' which helped with weight.

    Bad points... triggers on remingtons arent great. The PSS is a lot of money for what it is. The SPSV is cheaper but the stock is pants.

    Would i have another one...? hmmm.. I would probably look at getting a Tikka, better trigger, i think a better action. Remingtons are OK and good if you want to pimp them but if your looking for a stock rifle for c. 600 then i would go for a tikka or a S/H Sako.

    I used my SPSV (PSS) .308 for stalking with the full length barrel and mod, it does weigh a ton after you have lugged it around for a few hours..

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    I think mine is a PSS I dont take a lot of notice of the numbers really. It is heavy barrel 243 with a bipod and leopuld scope dont know what size that is either but its one of the cut out ones. The set up is superb. I hated the sight of it to start with but have had some fantastic sport with it. Have not taken another rifle out since I bought it this time last year. Only thing is it waighs a ton. ( well not really a ton but it is very heavy).


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    Ok my 2 cents worth I currently own 2 rem 700s one a lvsf in 17 rem and a sps stainless in 308, the lvsf is a real sweet gun and shoots better than me 2000 + rounds through that tube and I still really like it!!!!!!! the 308 I did change the stock to a hogue full alu bedding block the light factory stock was light, if you know what I mean, also cut the barrel form 24" to 20" and added a mod, but it shot just fine before these changes, IMHO the rem 700 rifles are excellent shooters that get the job done real well they may not be for everyone but then again what is!!!!!!!!!!!!safe hunting whatever you choose!!

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    I had the same idea.
    I had a .308PSS,for range work,started stalking and thought it would be ok.Having used it a few time found it heavy but mainly unbalanced.
    I still have it for range work but have a sako 75 for stalking.
    You need to think if your out for say 2 stalks on a day,morn and eve,and its been on your shoulder all that time will you be ok or will it anoy?
    ps:My mate cut his 308 PSS down to 21",then it kicked a fair bit,he's also now got a light weight sporter

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