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Thread: .223 best zero

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    .223 best zero

    What would be the best zero for .223 for foxing? I am using 50 grain Blitzkings which are chronoing at 3177 average. Thats with 26.5 Benchmark behind them. Also what distance will that still hit for at before it drops like a stone..I suppose before it drops more than 3 inches? Would I be correct in saying about 200 yards?



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    I always zero 1" high at 100 yards - suits most situations. If in doubt run it through a ballistics program or go out and test at various ranges to get the specific drop for that combo.

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    Two inches high at 100 will have you 1" high at 200 and three inches low at 250 yards. ~Muir

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    bes tthing to do is set it 1 inch high at 100 yards and then check on a target at 200 yards and see what your drop is. then go out to say 250 and see what drop that gives and you will know what clicks will give you zero at those ranges

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    An inch high at 100 will put you about an inch low at 200 but... -9" at 300. Not sure how far he's wanting to shoot...~Muir

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    Hi C/M.
    I was trying out some home load's with my .223-1/12 twist @ 100/175 & 250 yard's a few week's ago and what Muir said is spot on with my load's ,
    40gr V-Max/ 26.5 VihtV N133--3790fps, one hole {3 shot's} @100 to 0.3group @175 yard's before i have to click up scope, and when i click up i can manage under 1"group@250 yard's.
    Hope this help's mate.
    My Zero is set @100yard's

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    thanks for that guys, never tried 40 grains in mine, not sure what I could get them upto as my barrell shortened 3 or 4 inch

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    Just put it through a ballastics program and basically a tad over inch high at 100 will give me the exact same too 150, it drops to zero at 205 and I still theory ....hit charlie at 250-260....thats based on a 3 inch target area. Plenty good enough ...doubt I would be going over 200 anyway.

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    An inch high with that bullet at 100 is an inch low at 200: you'll be dead on at 175. Been there, done that. My son's HOWA .223 varmint uses a bullet with the same BC.~Muir

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