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Thread: Moon Cycle

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    Moon Cycle

    What do you guys think? Does it really have an effect? Or are the deer moving somewhat haphazardly and we are trying to think of reasons to explain it....

    'They' say a new moon is the best time to see deer feeding early in the morning...what do you think?

    The amount of spare time I have means I stalk regardless of the weather/time of day so I would be particularly interested to hear what people that stalk a particular patch on a very regular basis think of this...

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    As far as roebucks are concerned, I've never had a great deal of success going out first thing in the morning when the moon is full.

    My mate who has culled several hundred if not over a thousand roe will not get out of his bed and go stalking for at least three hours after dawn on mornings like that and he usually brings home the venison.


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    last year 1/2 the rut was lost as they were rutting under the moon! My keeper mate seen them whilst out with the lamp!


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    Nick..Your mate seems my sort of bloke.. not in the over friendly way I may add, never seen the point of crawling out of a nice warm bed to stand around for hours looking at bugger all..

    My mates used to do that wildfowling until they kept seeing me turn up 10 minutes before the duck, full of bacon eggs and coffee

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    I feel the moon has nothing to do with the movement of deer and deer being more nocturnal than dawn and dust would add fuel to this .I have done alot of lamping of foxes and most of it over the same ground i shoot deer on .No matter the moon if its dry they are still out.Yes when the moon is out most times its clear and dry and that would mean the movment of deer. The times i dont see them is more relivant to me and that is with roe deer persistant rain and a cutting wind.
    With regards early morning again i feel alot of people just cant get up and the ones that do are not fully awake for what is happening. I shoot most of my deer within one hour of sunrise at this time of year thats before 6 oclock . My grounds are of differning types from forrestry to open large open reed beds and i find deer are out already when we arive.

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    Thanks for the views gentlemen, 6.5x55 do you not bother when it is raining?

    I ask because I have the ability to bring about sudden and strong showers when I go stalking and often wonder if it is worth being out there at all. I have had success right after a shower when the animals come out to feed/dry...

    Any useful tactics for when it is pouring down?

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    The roe deer are very like us i find and the weather that would put you off will put them off now they still need to feed but will at times of heavy rain stay in tight cover and sacrifice good quality food for the less glorious foods found in purer but more sheltered areas .So yes i go out when its raining but will chose the ground i stalk and the areas i will go eg tight burn courses and small sheltered fire brakes that seem to become very popular at times of bad weather. With regards sharp showers they are great times to be out stalking because as you say if the sun comes out between these time then the deer will to.
    Please remember this is a personal choice and if people are happier staying in bed for a few more hours or going out at evening then that's what its about. It is a sport and a pastime to be enjoyed and one needs to balance this against the condisitions at the time. Is it worth the effort.

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    moon phases

    well it seems to effect mrs swampy, i think it's the moon because her mood seems to vary during the month.

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    HA HA i know what you mean swampy from being Mr stud muffin one day to being weeny dick the next .Thank god deerstalking is not as complex as woman or we would all be better of golfing.

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    What can I say 6.5x55. I would like to say that I am never Mr. Weeney Dick. No matter what the moon is doing!!! Don't you go getting a complex about it though!!!!

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