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    Just been announced that Police must make Home visits on Firearm renewal Application contrary to what some Police areas in the east of England have been doing

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    Actually what the Minister has done is write to all Chief Constables reminding them of the guidelines which state a visit must be carried out every five years.

    Now, if your shotgun certificate is not coterminous (mine are 18 months apart) the visit for the firearm certificate could be accomplished 18 months "early" whilst doing the shotgun, as Lincs have just done for me.


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    I think its good they are keeping home visits from FEO's, but I guess I am lucky that in the 41 years of having an FAC I have not had a pain in the arse come visit. Maybe you have

    I only hope they do not change the renewal from 5 to 3 years but I think we can all expect a renewal and variation price hike in the very near future regardless.


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