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Thread: Two on monday.

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    Two on monday.

    I consider my permission a difficult place to stalk deer, the hedges are blackthorn and brush, very open with little in the way of cover or trees.
    I had arranged to meet Andy for an evening jaunt.

    In the above picture, there is a layby with a gateway on the left hand side where the photo runs out of road, a hedge runs the length of the field between the layby and the barn.
    While waiting Andy phoned and said he was running a half hour late, so i got the binos out and started scanning the area. Hello, a buck grazing against the hedge some 200 yards up the field, i set about thinking how i would stalk it if i was on my own for the evening. My mate soon turns up and i point out the buck, Andy asks how i would tackle the situation. Well, 200 hundred yards is i feel, a bit to far for my inexperience, the wind is blowing up the hill, and we are a few yards from the road so the only option is to move up through one of the tramlines in the wheat field. The layout of the field is that it`s uphill a bit, then flattens out for 75 ish yards then goes on up hill again. My plan is to get to where it starts to flatten out then assess the shot from there. I raise the point about supervising the shot, no way is two of us going to get to a vantage point without spooking the deer, we`re going to be right out in the open. Andy says, there`s nothing in the next field, we can see that. If you take the shot make sure you`re firing into the hill, common sence, he says, if you`re in any doubt, don`t shoot, he`ll keep for another day.
    Ok, so i`m loaded, chambered and safe. The rubber on the bi-pod is moved half way down the poles as i`ll be shooting knelt down.
    Already my chest is pumping, it`s a difficult task as i`m in the open but then i thought that if i f££cked up, so what? it`s all experience. I start up through the tramline i`d chosen after checking the buck was still there, he was. I was blowing a bit when i got to where i thought it would flatten out a bit, i gave up smoking 14 months ago and a ill adjusted waistband when you`re bent over was cutting me in half, time for a diet i think!!
    A check with the binos a couple of times had seen that my buck was in a dip, standing, but not ideal. Andy is now out of earshot (Hang on swampy!!) so i thought i`ll sit it out, i`ve made good ground, my adrenaline is pumping so it`ll give me time to settle down, breath, contemplate the next move. Funnily enough it gave me a deers eye view of the area, peering out above the wheat. That was a good experience
    Suddenly, my phone vibrated, it was Andy, he can see me and the deer
    in his binos. The deer was up on a ridge at the side of the field, i set my bi-pod before looking, then bullet was chambered, it was a case of be ready prompt but sure, it was one shot and one shot only.
    Steeling myself, i peer over the wheat tops, nibbling on the hedge, side on, BUT, BUT, BUT, i can only see my buck from the elbow up, not the full chest area. I`m thinking, i could shoot it above the elbow, as long as i`ve hit the vital organs he`ll go down. Another BUT. What if i don`t hit him right, an injured buck running the scenery isn`t on my agenda. So i waited again. Three of the bucks steps and he`s right out in the open, steady movement, up on the bi-pod, crack, ssssssssss, thud. The buck ran and ran down the hill. Apart from the thud, i thought i missed because he ran so far, but Andy had followed him in the binos, the buck was down.
    I was on my way back down through the tramline when my phone vibrated again, it was Andy, look over to your left, towards the woods.
    Another buck had stood up, i said no, leave him. Andy said, he`s a weak buck, not the ideal breeder, he had apparently spotted it not long after he got there, his attentions where on my buck. I duly dispatched the second buck with no problems with again a very safe shot.
    Two pictures from an overjoyed basil.

    P.S. The photos were taken after dark cause no camerea on scene and my mrs won`t look at deadv deers bodies. Photos taken on camera timer. (That`s why they`re *****!!)

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    Well done, nothing like a good adrenalin rush to keep you on your toes. 8)

    Good write up with good pics to show.

    Well done again.


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    Hi Basil, very well done and thoroughly well written! I enjoyed that mate.
    Tony M.
    ps Do you still like that Howa stock ?

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    Surperb Mate, well done indeed .. Fran is this same with anything that looks cute and furry but is the first to chomp on cooked game

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    Quote Originally Posted by TONY M
    Hi Basil, very well done and thoroughly well written! I enjoyed that mate.
    Tony M.
    ps Do you still like that Howa stock ?
    I love it, but then it`s mine. If i had to fault it, i would say it maybe could do with an inch added on, but that`s me. To you experienced guys you know what to look for in a rifle, i am where you guys were 2, 5, 10, 20 years ago and i respect all opinions.

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    Well done Basil, what a great memory for you, hope its the first of many more.

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    Incidentally, i wrote down the weight of the left hand buck. (on the bathroom scales, so work this out, in pounds) Me, 13st 8 lbs, with deer 16 st 10 lbs. I make that buck 44 lbs ish. Correct?? ish.

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    Thats a great write up and set of snaps.

    You've got me itching to get out now!

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    I`m not shooting any more for a while. This is why, tell me if you think i`m wrong please.
    I have 500+ ish acres, so obviously i`ve not got masses of bucks there, there are however quite a few does. I`m thinking, now leave the bucks to their shagging, then have a couple towards the end of their season. Then with the does, take a few, leave a few.
    Without relying on Andy all the time, i need advice from other people. Am i right in my thinking?

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    Well done basil, you are on your way no. Good write up and photo's. I especially liked the way you two were working together, very good.


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