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Thread: big cat

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    big cat

    What are the laws on shooting big cat on your ground.would you be in trouble by doing so or some kind of hero.1000 pounds richer

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    why do you have one in lanark now ????

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    theres supposed to be one never seen it thoughjust wish to know the legaletes as sporting rifle put up a reward.would like to see what would happen if you claimed such reward

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    The reward that I saw was for legally shot cat anyway...

    I saw one about 5 years ago around Whitehaven, Cumbria.

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    OLY would your open ticket cover such a shot if it was on your land

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    It's just a 'feral' cat, only bigger! Shoot it!
    It will also endanger humans and other animals.
    It's an interesting one, but I wouldn't think twice.
    BUT, make sure you shoot it facing you so that it is 'self defence'!

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    Do u think it would get a gold medal at the game show

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    As far as I know officially there are no big cats in our countryside therefore if you don't tell anyone noone will miss it and you could not possibly have shot something that doesn't exist.

    If you do tell someone then every interfering busybody will want to become involved and a lot of them will want you to "pay for your crimes."

    So, I think you have a choice should the opportunity ever present itself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by taln View Post
    Do u think it would get a gold medal at the game show
    quality and still people reply.

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