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Thread: Tracking Bells

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    Tracking Bells

    I need some advice concerning tracking bells for a GWP:
    • What types are available?
    • Which type is best suited for 'the chase'?
    • Where can you buy one, and how much do they cost?
    Any other practical tips (training, use etc.) would also be much appreciated, thank you.


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    Use hawk bells, they are loud and will not clog with undergrowth. They will last a life time. A quick search online will find them. Get the dog used to them by feeding at the same time then associate them with trakking, soon the dog will put 2 and 2 together.

    Do not buy open bell types!

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    Tracking Bells

    When using tracking bells there are a few things that you will need.
    Good hearing
    Nerves of steel
    Running shoes.

    Good hearing as it depends how far away the dog has followed the deer
    Nerves of steel as when the dog is out of hearing range you need the courage of your convictions about which direction to go
    Running shoes are needed if you lack the above as you will be running around like a headless chicken in a panic having lost both Fido and Bambi or you will be doing a Seb Coe as you go in hot persuit.
    Seriously though there are two main types in use The Cow bell and the Cloche(Acorn) bell
    both types are on my site.
    I have used both with great effect with a border terrier in loose tracking deer and fox as Guinevere screams her head off then shakes the body and by doing so rings the bells.

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