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Thread: Humane Dispatch (Horse)

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    Humane Dispatch (Horse)

    Hi guy's,
    I got a call from a mate late last night to ask if i could turn out to dispatch a horse that had gone down,as he was unable to get hold of his regular vet, and the vet was due to come in today to do it anyway.
    I asked him to try the vet one more time as i was unsure as to wheather or not i was legally covered to do it with either the .243 or my sec 1 with a brenneke slug (both on open ticket).
    As it turned out he managed to contact the vet who then came out within the hour.
    I have to say my first thoughts were that if a vet could not get out, i'd have gone and done it on humanitarian grounds and taken a chance with a clear conscience.
    your thoughts please
    i will have a chat with my FEO to see what he says


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    I wouldnt think twice, if its sick then puting it down is the only option.
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    There is a place on this planet for all of God's creatures, right next to my tatties and gravy!!!

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    I think I would have thought twice as well, unless given Authority to do so as per your certificate on mine it allows me as part of the condition were it states for the Humane killing of animals, but not all F.C have this clause included

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    i have humane slaughter put on all my fire arms as i live in a rural community and used to do rta for the police and have been called out by farmers to dispatch injured or sick animals if the hunt cant get there straight away to do the job so if you ask there is no problem having it put on but if you live in the middle of London it might be different story

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    I have had a firearms licence for 30 plus years now last time I applied humane slaughter of animals was added unasked for but does keep you on right side of law

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    Cheers lads, that settles it for me,i'll get hold of the FEO, have a chat and get HD put on me ticket, its just nice to get confirmation when you are unsure, to be honest i was really concerned that the owner might innocently mention to the wrong person that they'd got someone to shoot the horse and that it may come back to bite on the arse as doing a favour for someone is apt to do ? sods law says it'd happen to me!


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    A horse has a very small brain. The weapon of choice would be a shotgun at close range. Doesn't matter what cartridge. No issue with conditions on your FAC, no risk or ricochet etc etc. The energy transferred is so much higher. The aim point is higher on a horse than cattle so you need to compensate for that.

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    A very dangerous animal to shoot at close range and i know a gamekeeper who is on the list to call out for HD and he won't shoot anything bigger than a deer. We had a cow on the M9 a month ago and he shot it but at a distance.

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    No experience myself, but from a legal perspective, just use a shotgun.
    You don't have any conditions to adhere to.

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    Captive bolt is ideal but I would be more worried about what he would do with the carcass! You can't bury it.

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