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Thread: Lundhags forest boots

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    Lundhags forest boots

    Got a pair of black Lundhags forest walking boots in size 9/43 and they have hardly been worn. They are more a spring and summer boot in black with a highish leg soles as new... 90 delivered?
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    are these still available please??

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    Yes, no one on here picked up on them

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    what model are they? can't find a Lundhags forest anywhere, have you got any pics please and what is the sizing like ?? i'm a normal uk9 if that helps, thanks

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    They are lightweight spring/summer boots in medium to high... 9 is the size too.

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    sorry to be a pain but can you email any pics I've no idea which ones they are are, also worried they maybe too small my mates pros are a bit snug, but these aren't lined are they. thanks again

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