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Thread: Refinishing rifle stock

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    Question Refinishing rifle stock

    I am attempting to give my anschutz .22 an oil finish (first time I've done this), and I am a little stuck. Scraped all the varnish off and have sanded to a smooth finish using wet & dry.

    The wood underneath has a nicely patterned grain but the colour of the stock is almost white. The kit I have then instructed me to stain the wood using a water based walnut stain. The stock has now had 3 coats & is now the colour of a rich tea biscuit.

    My aim is to end up with a nice dark reddish brown when the stock's finished. Do I have to get the right darkness at this stage, using the stain, or does the red alkanut oil which is the next stage stain it down to a dark brown?

    I just don't know whether to continue with the walnut stain until a dark brown is reached.

    What should I do???

    Thanks in anticipation.

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    im planning doing this to an old shotgun I have.

    my plan was to use an oil based paint and a little Meths, the colour I had in mind was Burnt Umber. A dark colour but thinned with a little Meths and the paleness of the stock I think itl be fine.
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    i do alot of staining as i am a picture framer in my spare time i have also done my stocks i would say you need to find the right colour to what you require alcanet oil will richen things up but can only do so much.the stains i use are chestnut products spirit stain and any colour can be achieved from light to dark and you can mix your own.once the colour is achieved use a grain filler then hand oil and just keep oiling after a few months should be great,atb wayne
    ps i could send you a small bottle of stain if you need one
    this was after staining
    and this was before stripping you can see how white my stock was where the buttpad had been

    and finished
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    remember not to use Nitromors etc on a stock, you could ruin the chequering, always block a hand rub the stock with a block and sand paper....dont go near the chequering....try and mask it, They can be cleaned with a toothbrush. Also a superb finish can be achieved with a teaspoon or so or potassium pomangamate in a glass of water...test it first and easy does will oxidise the wood to a great colour. Dont use crap such as birchwood Casey many hardeners in it. Use a decent oil ..such as trade secrets?? and easy does it...a tiny tiny bit on the palm...rub like hell, get it hot to open the grain.....leave to dry in a dust free warm place for a day...then repeat. Take your time and the deep shine will come...if it comes to 'glassy and gloss' cut it back with very fine wire wool and start from the last application...good luck and TAKE YOU TIME..

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    I would say you will need to keep staining the stock until you get the darkness you require then apply the oil !!!

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    Thanks for all the replies which have been helpful. I would never have thought of using potassium permanganate but thinking back to my chemistry lessons it would certainly do the job.

    Wayne - that's a kind offer & you certainly got a cracking result on the stock of your Parker Hale. Lovely piece of wood.

    Best Wishes,


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    no worries jim ,if you still need any stain after trying to deepen your colour just pm me i will send you a small bottle enough to do a stock atb,wayne ps show us how you get on with pics

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    Have to say that looks a nice stock Mereside, nice flat finish...not at all 'glassy'...very nice.

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    I like Aqua Fortis (5% Nitric Acid) to get that nice reddish finish. It is especially good for woods that are pale with underlying grain pattern. The only company here in the US that produced it has been squashed out of business by the "Environmental Protection Agency" Nazis so I am looking to get it made for me at a chemical distributor. It is a marvelous way to stain the wood. Makes the sugar woods (maple, birch) really stand out.~Muir

    Well I'll be hanged. I did a quick search on Aqua Fortis and found that the company that makes it is back in business. Happy day!
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