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Thread: Butchering session today

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    Butchering session today

    Just had a masterclass in butchering a beast which I shot last week from a proper old school butcher this afternoon.

    It was a fantastic demonstration and very happy to report that not only I, as a somewhat novice in this field, but also my fellow stalker with who has 30 years plus in this game that we both learned some excellent little tips and methods which will continue to ensure we make the most of each beast we take and give it the justice it deserves.

    Feel a good deal more confident in tackling the boning of haunches and prepping up a rack or two which Iíll try next time I have a successful outing.

    I laughed at the tales of the butcher being slapped round the head by his old man if there was any meat left on the bone back in the day when they did ALL their own butchering in the shop. There was absolutely hee haw wasted today. Very efficient processing.
    Seems such shame that it really is a dying art country wide with supermarkets etc taking over and I suppose to some extent dictating how meat should be presented to the general public. Very sad.

    Anyway, I polished off a beautiful Roe saddle for dinner tonight and have to ask, is there really anything tastier??

    Everyday is a school day!!


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    A good butcher wont even leave a squeel lying about lol i have watched the chap that dose mine and christ these guys are good.In with jacket on out with puff pastry on now thats the way to deal with a deer.

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    I was fortunate enough to have been taught butchery by my old friend and country sports companion who died a couple of years ago. Merve used to accompany me on stalking trips right up to the age of 85yrs. He'd happily sit in the car and look all around, just waiting to hear the "bang". Merve had been a "true" butcher for over 50yrs. Back in the day, they'd bring in the beasts, he'd pole-axe them and then begin the work!!
    At the age of 75 he could still skin a deer in less time than it would take me to "tune up" the knife!
    Dear old boy could never sit still while I cut a carcase, even with a whiskey in his hand he still had to "help" when I didn't do the job to his standard.
    As 6pointer says, a good butcher won't leave even a squeel for the dog and believe me, my dogs were usually disappointed when Merve did the cutting.

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