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Thread: Remington 700 extractor Sako conversion

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    Remington 700 extractor Sako conversion

    Has anyone had one of these retro fitted. Does anyone know what is entailed. I understand that Callahan's do one through Midway. Any help would be appreciated as my Remington has problems sometimes extracting even with new rounds as the extractor claw hardly engages. It is a warranty replacement bolt from Riflecraft but I do not want to send it back as it would not extract at all when I got the gun back from them as the extractor pin (not claw) did not protrude enough. I had to get a gunsmith to elongate the cutting on the plunger to allow it to protrude more & this undermined my confidence in Riflecraft.

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    You need to have a slot milled and a hole at the end of the slot into the bolt for the extractor, also a hole in line with axis of the bolt for the spring & plunger. Ideally you should also have the end of the bolt bushed too as the existing clip extractor leaves a gap. Definitely not a DIY job!!!

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    Border Barrels among others will do a conversion to a Sako extractor. It won't be cheap. I would have gone back to Riflecraft and pursued them until the bolt worked to your satisfaction.

    Regards JCS
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    I am sorry to hear of your troubles but as JC above says you should be taking it back so they do the job correctly.

    I can guess why you do not wish to as you would most likely be without your rifle for many months and as yu have found it still might not be right. I do not think they are all that they are cracked up to be.

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    Border barrels did mine, neat job, had a bit of work done by them other than that and cant fault their customer service or engineering give lee a call I am sure he will look after you.


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    Thanks guys. You have been helpful. It is what this forum is about. I do think that Border Barrels are the professionals here.

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    Take it back to Rifledaft and tell Andrew Evans-Hendrick to put it right or if all confidence is gone with them try Norman Clarke, I belive his work is good.

    Good luck


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    I believe only Rifle Craft have the Remington warranty repair franchise ???

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    I'm having a similar problem with my custom 700 SPS Tactical in .223 from South Yorks Shooting. It requires excess mechanical force to close the bolt when chambering a round and it strips a slice off the base rim of each cartridge. They blamed steel ammo and replaced the extractor. I have purposely only used brass when I got it back, and it's still doing the same. Not happy right now.

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    Ahhh wonderful Remington quality at work............................................. however all the time folks buy them they will churn out this sub-standard junk.

    The course of action is clear...................................... well to me. Reject the new rifle as unfit for purpose and not of merchandisable quality and get a better rifle.

    Of course you could always throw most of it away and spend a fortune of "Custom" parts to make a rifle that works............................................ our money your choice.

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