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Thread: Need .3O cal 150gn core lokt bullet heads

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    Need .3O cal 150gn core lokt bullet heads

    Does anyone know of a shop that stocks these heads ? eventually found a 150gn that my parker hale rifle like's
    Bought some factory ammo and it groups around 3/4" better than anything over 125gns that iv tried factory or loaded.
    Midway have them on back order, just wondered if anyone has used the core lokt 150gn and how they find them ? DF

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    Edgar Bros are supposed to be the Remington agents for the UK so perhaps they might have some. Just be seated when they give a price though . I am afraid most shops that deal with Edgar Bros complain about they poor service so good luck in your quest.

    Have you tried the Hornady 150's?

    Hmmm Midway.UK shows them as "available" right now :-

    Wonder what is going on?

    Ahhh an interesting bullet is the Sellier & Belliot 150 SPCE which is avaialable as loaded ammunition. Whetehr you can get get it here in the UK now is another matter.

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    Thanks for that Brit, i could have sworn it said backorder this morning !
    Iv never ordered anything off midway so whats the procedure with the heads regarding fac cert ?

    I dont know about the s/b's its cost me a small fortune in loading gear/ factory loads already getting it this far !
    If it wasn't such a pretty well ballanced rifle , i would of junked it for another sako months ago .

    Never had a rifle as fussy start going over 130's it dosen't want to know, stay under that and it will shoot anything into 1/2".
    I bought it mainly for large Red's and maybe one day a go at Boar, so i wanted to use the heavier bullets until now i didn't think it was going to happen. DF

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    Quote Originally Posted by Double four View Post
    ......I've never ordered anything off midway so whats the procedure with the heads regarding fac cert ?.....
    I got some Hornady 129gr SP from Midway UK recently. I got them sent to a RFD and eventually went and picked them up. The RFD entered them onto my FC just like my normal purchases direct from him.

    Rgds JCS

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    Not a problem I just looked as I wanted to see the bullets profile and voila there they were listed as available. Ordering from Midway I suppose you will have to phone them and get the OK from your RFD after all they have to receive them due to the stupidity of the law.

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    I use 150grn Sierra gamekings (2125 - Sierra Bullets - The Bulletsmiths) in my Parker Hale 1200 in 308win

    Will shoot sub MOA all day long.. and with a charge of 45grn of varget usually half an inch or better.

    I'm sure you would be able to get everything you need from the Shooting show at the weekend, unless your not going

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    Thanks for that Gary just ordered some core lokts today, but if i see some on my travels i will get some to try . cheers Df

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