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    Smile Hello from Texas

    Hello, from South Texas, I'm a 62yr old history teacher. I love to hunt, fish, shoot, and read. I have deer hunted for the last 50 years, predominately in Texas. I hunted once in Africa, Namibia & Zimbawe, in 1978. When I retire in the next year or two, I would like two hunt in England for roe, muntjac and fallow. I am here to research my future hunt. As a hunter, reloader and shooter I may offer my opinion or ask questions from time to time. Have a good day, captdavid

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    Welcome across the pond.
    Do they have big long roads out there?
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Welcome to the site mate.

    I`m sure that when you finally get the time to come to the UK there will be plenty of guys on here that can help you get into the deer you want.


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    Welcome to the forum 'captdavid',

    You won't find a better place than this to research English deer stalking. If you are after Roe, Muntjac and Fallow bucks in the same trip, assuming you're not going to be here for a number of months, you'll have to be here in August, September or October for coinciding seasons and good antlers.

    Lots of honest guys on here offering excellent stalking in some beautiful places (and who won't double their prices at the first sign of an American hunter...).


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    Welcome Matey, so i take it you don't want to shoot a red deer then?
    Plenty of fishing over here as well, especially in Devon where i am based.
    But also steep hills!

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    Welcome to the site from a fellow teacher, about the same age as well. I'm sure you will make plenty of friends on the site.

    Kindest regards


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    Welcome to the site captaindavid, it's nice to have another International member.

    I'm sure the people on here will be able to take care of your stalking wishes.

    Looking forward to hearing about some of your hunts.

    My Hunting Blog: click here

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    You couldn't have done any better than finding this site, quite few of your countrymen on here already so you will not be the lone ranger

    There are some good folk who would be delighted to swap a few hunts with I am sure you will get sorted

    atb Rob
    There is a place for all gods creatures in this world, on my plates by the veggies and gravy

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