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Thread: What's the official title of ..

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    What's the official title of ..

    The person you report a carcass to when you suspect it has a notifiable disease?

    Government Veterinary Inspector?


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    It is the Divisional Veterinary Manager (DVM)

    Taken from the DEFRA web site and Wild Game Handling guide (Page 25 onwards)

    Quote Originally Posted by [url=
    Defra Website[/url]]If you suspect signs of any notifiable disease, you must immediately notify your local Divisional Veterinary Manager.
    That was far easier that posting from my phone last night.

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    ".... reported immediately to the State Veterinary Service." From page 194 level 1 manual( Jan07). Sorry if out of date and wrong.

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    Now, I just had a few spare mins. as the bacon cooked, so I thought I would have a little look. Maybe find a number that you could ring..the manual is out of date!!!

    By all accounts the SVShas had a name change and become,

    Animal Health.

    a link...

    and this is where notifiable deseases should be reported. However looking closley at the web site, there is no mention of stalking, and if you suspect an animal has one, that is in your charge!!!
    this link will take you there. ...

    Interestingly enough....and I quote the Animal Health Act..."any person having in their possession or under their charge an animal affected or suspected of having one of these diseases must, with all practicable speed, notify that fact to a police constable."

    So if all else fails, ring the police!!!

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    Mr Policeman, coz they are supposed to contain the scene until the relevant authorities are on the scene , Prior to mass extermination of all beasts within a 100 mile radius interlooping of course !! Which make you wish you had never advised in the first place!!! and kept hush!!!

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