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    IPC Media

    I subscribe to Shooting Times through IPC Media and every week it arrives generally without a problem. It is always sealed in a nice off-white plastic cover with nothing on it to indicate what might be inside!

    I recently bought the lady of the house a subscription to Horse and Hound magazine from IPC, which is another weekly. However I only noticed this week that it arrives in a clear plastic cover so you can see the magazine and a huge label saying 'Horse and Hound' for everyone to see!

    So, is Shooting Times some sort of illicet magazine that should be hidden from sight incase anyone is offended? Are we to see these types of publications banished to the top shelves and be made to feel embaressed when we go shopping for them?

    Anyone else subscribe to other publications, if so what way are they packaged when they get delivered?

    Just wondering if it's just me!!

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    Sporting rifle arrives the same way so does my BASC magazine if i remember right !!!!!!

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    I cancelled my shooting times subscription, I don't think it arrived on time once, sometimes it was a week late!

    I know some shops, Co-op for instance, refuse to stock shooting magazines which is fair enough I suppose.


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    Not just you ScottC. What's even worse is that you can never buy a shooting magazine at the airport. Everything from Train Spotters weekly to Tug monthly. More car magazines than you can count and 5 shelves of women's rags. Not a shooting magazine in sight. They have even de stocked "The Field" now which can hardly be described as hard core.

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    I can't understand them refusing to stock them. If there is no market for them, then fair enough, like inner city areas, but you'd expect country stores to sell them.
    I'm sure not stocking them is an infringement on our human rights, I might write to the European Court of Human Rights!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I refuse to use the local Co-Op because once they took over the local store all shooting and most countryside magazines were deemed unappropriate and not suitable for a totally rural area . It's time these city dwellers stopped foisting their perverted view of the world upon the rest of us. Our village shop does stock some and I do buy one now and then, would buy more if they had and decent articles and not just massive ad blurbs disguised as articles.

    The Co-Op won't even order them in and hold them for you and the *****s took over the village shop in that particular village so have a captive market as there is no other shop.

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    James Marchington had a bit about a similair topic on his blog earlier in the year. I never have a problem getting hold of shooting times - WH Smith in Windsor, stocks all of the shooting mags. I generally seem to be able to find copies in big supermarkets as well, which seems pretty good (certainly better than my other hobby of climbing - try getting any climbing magazines at a supermarket / rail station / airport ).

    Co Ops are funny - I'm sure I've seen Countryman's Weekly in the one in Dulverton. I suspect that wioth something like that, the actual interpretation of what can and can't go on the shelves must come down to the individual manager / franchise holder.

    Incidentally, the Alliance magazine comes emblazoned with their name and logo all over it so everyone knows what it is - good thing in my opinion.

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