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Thread: Hello from not so sunny Burnley

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    Hello from not so sunny Burnley

    Hi All
    my name is John user name JohnnyC. I live in Colne, Lancs and I have a pub in Blackburn. dont tell the locals but i am actually from Yorkshire (gods county). I have been shooting for about 25 years mostly vermin and clays. i am very interested in getting into stalking and have just applied for my FAC. as soon as it arrives i will be completing my DS1 and hopefully getting out to meet some of you. I will have many questions for you all so please put up with the constant ask for help and advice.
    many thanks

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    Welcome to the site Johny, fire away with questions, there`s plenty of help to be had on here.


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    Welcome mate, Burnley!! Great place had some good times there years ago. But equally had great times growing up in yorkshire (York and Harrogate)

    Cant remember it being sunny Tho'. :-)

    Regards Graeme

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    Welcome John. A Yorkshire man living across the border eh???? Good man!!!! I was born in Middlesbrough when it was part of Yorkshire just half a mile inside the border which was the river Tees. I hang on to that half mile like my life depends on it ha! Im a Yorkshireman too and proud of it.

    You've joined a good community here where help and advice is gladly given. When the time comes to start your studies for the DSC, be sure to check out the learning options available to you to find out which bests suits you.....of course my DSC should be added to the list :-)

    Have a good time,



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