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Thread: Wanted. Scrap Lee 6.5x55 seating die.

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    Wanted. Scrap Lee 6.5x55 seating die.

    As above, the threads push the top through on mine yesterday, so I actually only need the screw in top and don't want to buy the whole die.

    Sorry, forgetting myself, its the decapping die I'm looking for.

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    After having a rummage thru the draw, seems i have 1, how does 10 + a little post sound? .

    I have a factory crimp too, 20- all in
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    I thought all Lee dies were scr..... No, mustn't wind people up! JC

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    Mr You, it is the decapper isn't it?

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    decapper ?? I only know of 2 that decap the primer, full size, shoulder sizer & i have seating tool, crimp ? which decapper ?

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    Its the collet I'm after, decaps and resizes at the same time.

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