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Thread: Bringing my rifle/s to the England?

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    Bringing my rifle/s to the England?

    I am planning a roe, fallow, and possibly muntjac stalking trip to England. I have two rifles that I am considering bringing. Both are 98 Mausers. One is a 24" sporter barrel 7x57. The other is a heavy 26" sporter in 280Remington. Would you bring both? if not, which one. I am not planning to do any extreme stalking. What would you bring? I suppose Icould be convinced to leave them at home, if using an estate rifle would be easier, but I would prefer using my own rifle. thanks capt david

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    It depends on how much you want to bring your own rifle. the easy answer is to use an estate rifle but if your going hunting somewhere to remember, it would be a lot nicer to use your own rifle, knowing that every time you pick that rifle up, it will remind you of those special hunting trips..

    Im not familiar with either calibre although the .280 is the one which springs to mind.

    Have you got an idea of where your going yet? Are you booking with an estate or planning on a friend taking you? which part of england are your planning on visiting?



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    I think that you might know the 7x57 as .275 Rigby, the 280 is basicaly a 270 that shoots 7mm bullets. I don't really have have any destination yet, other than some have suggested Sussex, Suffolk or Sommerset. I would prefer not to far from London though. I am looking to book with a stalker, I believe, as I am on somewhat of a budget. I Think local pubs or B&Bs would be more my price range, but I'm not sure. capt david

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    Welcome Captain, I see you found your way over her to SD. Providing your rifles are reliable then I would pick one which you feel is the best for you but please bear in mind that .280 Remington is not common here in the UK and if your ammuinition goes astray replacing it will be problematic most likely. But on the other hand 7x57 Mauser is fairly common and much .................................... much easier to replace.

    Now I would only bring one rifle as it's less of a security problem. Remember that rifles here in the UK have to be securely stored and whilst you using one rifle where will the second be? The 7x57 is an excellent catridge for you planned quarry as is the .280.

    Now unless I am mistaken to bring a rifle into the UK you will need a vistors permit and to obtain one your agent/stalker who your hunting with will have to be involved in the process. Someone who is very familar with this is Ron Wharton of Rigby's the rifle maker:-

    Also I believe some on this site deal with visitor permits for their clients.

    Hmmm I will have to have a look and see if I have a card still as there was a chap in Sussex who did this sort of arranging and who did have lots of good stalking ground for Roe, Muntjac and Sika. He is also a taxidermist so can prepare the trophies. It was he who did the Muntjac mount in my photo. Good luck with your planning and trip.

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    The 7x57 will do anything and everything you need, and is a little 'kinder' on roe than the .280 Rem, but not by any huge margin. I stalk in West Sussex and use a 275 Rigby / 7-08 / or a .260 for Roe, Fallow, Muntjac, fox. Unfortunately, I don't have stalking to offer you as all of my activity is undertaken on behalf of a large private estate where there is already a Syndicate in place.

    You will need a temporary Firearms Cert BEFORE you arrive in UK or it will be impounded at the place of entry, I would suggest that you decide on the location as the Firearms Certs are issued by the Local Police, which in Sussex is at Lewes. You will find their website at

    You could contact Gunrunner at SPORTING FIREARMS CONSULTANT COURIER SERVICE, Richard Whitely is the man there, and he will have the answers you need both for Sussex and the rest of the UK.

    You can expect to pay somewhere around 150 - 200 GBP per day for 2 outings of approx 3 hours apiece, an early morning stalk, and probably evening high seat, with trophy fees on top, which vary considerably from place to place for paid stalking, obviously if it is private ground then that will be between you and the person holding the stalking rights. Richard Whitely has up to date information, I am sure.

    Wherever you go, consider security arrangements for the rifle, as not all B & B's will accept firearms on the premises. Maybe the Estate Rifle route is a less onerous route to go?

    PM me if you need more info, I might be able to help; but maybe this will give you a starting point.

    BTW, Fallow are out of season from end April to August 1st ( Bucks) and until 1st November for Does.


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    Is it possible to ship ammunition, and maybe my gun, to my stalker, before I leave? That way I won't have the hassle in the airport. capt david

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    i would think it would not be possible to ship guns and ammo without you acompanying them on your journey
    due to export laws.
    but airlines will allow you to fly with guns and ammo in checked luggage.
    but you must check with airline before you book your flights.
    good luck

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    capt david

    I replied to your other post in the General Discussion session, but on the question of bringing over your own rifle(s) an important question is whether you are just coming over for stalking or combining stalking with something else. If the former you might be okay, but if the latter you may well have problems with secure storage. With our tighter regulations you will have issues if the rifle is not thoroughly secure when you are not physically with it. Few B&B's or hotels will have suitable storage.

    If you plan on spending time sightseeing, working, etc when you are over then I'd give serious thought to making use of the "estate" rifle as others have described above. Good guides/stalkers should have rifles suitable both for their ground and the species you'll be shooting.

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    My thought was to hunt upon arrival monday-thursday with my stalker, leave the gun with him and sightsee Friday-Sunday. I wouls then return and finish my hunt. thanks, capt david

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    Quote Originally Posted by captdavid View Post
    My thought was to hunt upon arrival monday-thursday with my stalker, leave the gun with him and sightsee Friday-Sunday. I wouls then return and finish my hunt. thanks, capt david
    Unless the stalker was a registered firearms dealer then he wouldn't be able to store your rifle for you, as he would need an empty 'slot' for it on his ticket.

    It may be possible that a local gun shop would store the rifle for a small fee, assuming you are able to deposit and collect it during office hours. That's about all you could do.

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