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Thread: Frustrating reds

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    Frustrating reds

    Went out lamping on my patch friday night and saw about 8-10 reds, so thought i would go and sit in a high seat saturday morning close to were i had seen them,well saturday morning it was pouring down with rain and being a fair weather stalker decided to leave it until sunday, they would,nt be very far set the alarm for 5-00am.
    The alarm went off thought i,ll have 5 more minutes next time looked at the clock 7-30 oophs! oh well better show willing. now one of the woods on my patch is only about 200yds at it,s widest point with a track up the middle this is where i had seen the deer it is a difficult wood to ground stalk normaly the prevaling wind is the wrong direction and for safety issue,s you can,t stalk it but this morning things were just right, it was now about 9-00am not the best time for stalking i know but of i went, the first 50yds about 2000 pigeons lifted not good!! but i carried on after about 30mins noticed stagnent water on my right had been disturbed i was getting close, about another 50yds on saw movement i was no more than 30yds from them, sods law the only part of the wood thick blackthorn and willowthey were in it b****r , i had two choices stay still and hope they would move or move forward risk being sented i choose the latter you can guess the rest, yehp! they sented me and ran back behind me or so i thought,so i walked back slightly deflated hoping the may have settled behind me, but no they had gone, oh well, thought i would go and see if anything had been taking feed at another high seat location, with the rifle safely locked in the vehicle off i walked no more than 100yds to the high seat thinking to myself i wonder what the view looks like from up there started to climb,made myself comfortable just sat there contemplating is this a good position or should we move it, just happened to look to my right and there making their way to my position 12 reds the very same one,s i had stalked not 10 minutes earlier they walked no more than 60yds from my position, i,m sure if they had two fingers they would have stuck them up!!!!!! how very frustrating

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    hey bernie them reds didnt get that big from being daft looking forward to catching a glimse of them the next time im down and you will have a few more seats to watch them from,see you soon atb wayne

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    Reminds me of a morning down in Devon. I was in a high seat on the edge of some woodland and heard a deer running up the field behind me. I looked round and it was a takeable stag only it went into the line of trees my high seat was in. I expected it to step out onto the path and held aim in the right place. Nothing happened and as I was straining round to my limit I had to relax eventually. I thought it must have got across the path before I looked round.

    About 20 minutes later a beagle came up the field on the line of the stag but carried on past me about 20 yards from the wood edge. Something made me look round 5 minutes later and there was the stag on the path. He had waited in the line of trees, let the beagle go past and then made a move. Needless to say I didn't get a shot at him!

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    They ain't easy to shoot are they mate. I have some lovely large Galloway reds on my patch. But as one of the other posters said ''they didn't grow that big because their silly''. I'm always trying to outwit the buggers !!!

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    Always take your smokepole along for the walk!,............. the things you see when you ain't gottagun!
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    finbear you are definately right on that score,my last outing in scotland we went out and it was persisting it down we werent stalking but we found a couple of roe and stalked them to less than 20 yrds and sat there thinking why didnt i take my rifle so i left my mate and stalked back out around 300yrds back to the truck for my rifle and managed to stalk all the way back in dense woodland only to find she had moved round so stalked around the other side to take a shot and just as i released the saftey a gust of wind blew up and she bolted without looking up it was a fantastic stalk we sat there in the persisting rain laughing as it was an easy shot if i had only taken the rifle .this i will never forget,atb wayne,ps on the other hand i wouldnt have had a great stalk that i did so i learned a great deal that morning

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