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Thread: Roe Antler size?

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    Roe Antler size?

    I am having a hard time determining the size of roe deer antlers. Would someone please post som pictures of deer in the 300, 400, and 500 class range? It is my understanding that, in general, any deer under 300, is basically free, or a small charge with the stalking fee, and that 'fees' go up from there. What size does it take to be a bronze, silver and gold medal deer? thanks, capt david

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    I cant bear this any longer , ill pm my number if its in season and in hard antler ill let you shoot what you want no charge on my patch , let me know when your coming over and ill ask around my mates and see if they can help out . A good rule with roe is if its bottom tine is above its ears its a medal class , but its a job to say until its in your hands

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    same mate this little chap is still on the prowol


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